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So Sad!!!

Pistons Lost!!!!!  Can’t believe they lost on their own turf!  Oh well, there’s always next year, but 2004 was their peak I guess!  Just a bummer, but it’s only a game!

Let’s Go Detroit!!!!

I, being a Michigan girl, have got to support the homeboys, the Pistons!!!! Let’s hope they make it to the NBA Finals!!!!! Really, Basketball is all I watch as far as sports, and Baseball, because I can understand them LOL!!!!

De-e-e-e-e-e-etro-o-o-o-oit Ba-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-asketba-a-a-a-a-a-a-aall

This is how we roll!!!!!

This is how we roll!!!!!!

Girls doing yard work in bikinis

I don’t think I’d enjoy being ogled by strange men while working! I just thought it was interesting, what do you think????

So Depressing!

Gas prices are not looking good!!! I still don’t have a job, and my bills aren’t getting any lower!!!! What kills me is Bush goes to Saudi trying to get them to produce more gas, but the king asks where’s the demand, so it appears the US isn’t buying enough oil…I’m not all that educated in the politics of it, but I must say, it does seem awfully fishy when you have the the CEO’s chevron and other gas companies saying they reinvested the profits, yeah ok! The gov’t says they know we’re suffering, what does he do about it…blames other factors! the gov’t has to have more power than to let the gas companies gouge consumers, and up the prices on everything!!!!!

Even American Airlines (glad I don’t work for PCLN anymore) is about to implement a new policy of $15 fee for passenger’s first piece of checked baggage! I wasn’t happy when they started charging the same fee for reserving seats, but I understand why they did it, trying to cut down on phone calls, customers could reserve seats online for free, but as far as the baggage fee, it may hurt them more so, than if they hadn’t imposed it.
AA will already be cutting 10% of their flights as it is. The news did say that for ever $10/barrel of gas, it costs them millions of dollars, but still!!!! All I can say is pray for some relief!!!!!

Just watching the “wooded rapist” on the news, and they had said he worked at the WB Technologies, I actually went in there for an interview, the man seemed real nice (one of the owners, not Burdick), but I must say I am thankful I never came into contact with someone capable of violating, traumatizing and damaging (emotionally and physically) women, and to think he’d gotten away with it for 14 years!!!!! Just amazes me how people can get employment, and still no one knew a thing!!! I actually hadn’t heard about the “wooded rapist” until he was caught, but still it’s good it’s not an issue any longer!!! Way to go law enforcement!!! Usually, I’m not a fan of you (tickets, got a lead foot apparently) but you made us proud on this one!!!!!


U.S. soldier uses Quran for target practice; military apologizes

I must say, this has to be one of the most disrespectful things anyone could do, how dare someone go to another country and have the audacity to use their holy book as target practice! I am not Muslim, obviously, but how would you feel if someone of another faith came over and shot up a Bible????? The Korans look just like our bibles, as far as the size and types of coverings, there’s no excuse to not knowing it was the Koran!! I just think it sets a horrible impression of Americans, especially when we’re over there trying to help, yet this is an awful setback for all their hard work. The Muslim culture is VERY different than ours, and rather than learning and accepting it as a way of life for some people, many would just rather judge! When living overseas, especially in Egypt, which is primarily Muslim, I sometimes felt embarrassed because it was as if we came to their home, and acted as if they needed to cater to us, and the ways we are used to living, and that’s not how it’s supposed to be at all. I think, many a times, we forget we are guests there, and should be respectful of other people’s cultures, regardless where we are, but ESPECIALLY when we’re guests in their country! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Islam, here’s the rundown:

God is Allah

Prophet is Mohammed

Pillars of Islam:

  1. Faith – Believe Allah is the one and only God
  2. Prayer – Must Pray 5 times a day, which is why the call of prayer goes off so much
  3. Fast – Annually, during Ramadan, it’s about a month’s time, and they fast from sun-up to sundown, no water, and they must abstain from sexual relations w/ their spouses as well (which I didn’t know until now, but i guess they wouldn’t tell you that in middle school)
  4. Pilgrimage – All Muslims must make at least one pilgrimage (hajj) in their lifetime to Mecca (in Saudi Arabia)
  5. Giving Alms – Every Muslim has a financial obligation, but is dependent on the individual.

Now, a lot of people are aware they (the men) are polygamists, and they are, however, their reasoning for this is that by having so many wives (4 max), they are guaranteed to have a male heir. What most outsiders don’t realize is that they all MUST be treated equally, so if he buys one wife a diamond ring, they all get a diamond ring, so there is no special treatment, or at least, there’s not supposed to be.

Islam isn’t for me, but it really isn’t as bad as a lot of people make it out to be…And just like any religion, there are the extremists, who will take it a whole lot further, but that’s why they’re called fundamentalists!

Now, for those of you that don’t know, I moved to Nashville 10 days after I graduated college, needing to get out of Michigan, to avoid the family drama surrounding my parents’ divorce, and figured I’d have much better luck finding a job outside of Michigan, being the highest in unemployment. Basically, my motives were to prove to myself I could make it on my own, and felt living near family would not allow me to be as independent as I needed. Why Nashville?? Well, I became obsessed with the Gaylord Opryland resort, wanting to work there, I even was fortunate enough to be able to follow the GM around for a day as a part of a college assignment before I graduated. I thought I made a good impression, he told me to send him a copy of my resume, I did so, and even sent a copy of the paper I wrote on the whole experience, but I got nothing! I applied and kept getting shut down, and since have given up seeing as now I live in Bellevue (whole other side of town). Other reasons I moved to Nashville (I digress, sorry) were that I thought it’d be a cheaper place to live, and with no state income tax, I’d be in good shape, however, I never realized that because it’s a little less to live, employers may pay you less too!!! I also liked the distance, not too far should i want to go home for a visit, but not close enough, I’d end up at home every month.

It’s been exactly 2 years since I moved to Nashville, and some days it makes me wonder if it’s only really been 2 years!!! I feel like I’ve been through so much since I moved here, between my numerous jobs and traffic violations, however, It should be more than 2 years!!!! Growing up, you think by the age of 25, you’re gonna have it all together, and I couldn’t be farther from that, at this point! I never thought I’d be livin’ on my dreams and spaghettio’s in my little apartment just trying to get by!!! The only difference is it’s Ramen and Mac and Cheese!!!! Had someone told me I would have had this much trouble with jobs, when I was back in college, I would have probably laughed, thinking my college education would be extremely desirable, and I would be the ideal candidate!!!!!! Somehow, though, everything has worked out, I’ve had to swallow my pride, a couple of times, and ask Mom and Dad for money, just to make rent, and if nothing else, I’ve learned now that God has a plan, I’m just not liking this part of the journey, and unfortunately, patience isn’t my greatest virtue at this time. I think, though, lately, I’ve been able to accept the fact that the Lord does pretty much make the decisions for my life, and that I’m not completely in control, and that when the time is right, I will find that perfect job, husband, etc…I have found a great church I belong to, and who would’ve thunk me a church goer in college??? NOBODY, I promise you!!

In the 2 years, I’ve made, and, sadly, lost quite a few, as well, due to a myspace blog I posted about having accidentally letting my roommate’s cat out, and may I just state that we cannot confirm the death of the cat, at this point, I did wait for him to come home, and he didn’t. Can’t say that I miss him, but I wouldn’t intentionally throw a cat out of the apartment, unless I was provoked, say, if it bit me, but these cats are quick, I wouldn’t even be able to catch them!!! I’m a dog person, but can co-exist with cats, or so I thought! Either way, I lost friends, or people I thought were my friends, maybe they were looking for anything to get out of it, I don’t know, again, everything happens for a reason, so they just weren’t meant to be in my life for that long, and now, I’m okay with that, and don’t need people like that in my life!!!!! It was interesting, though, the people that did come to my defense in the situation, Gotta love the ones who make the most random things, that have no effect on their lives, whatsoever, all about them!!! Water under the bridge now! i now know who my true friends are, thankfully!

The only thing I wish I hadn’t gone through was the whole escalator mishap, but again, now I know how much medical treatment costs, and will have to be almost dying should I need to go to the ER!!! Needless to say, I need to be careful where I step!

i can’t say that I ever regretted moving here, I have met some interesting people, had some really good times, it’s just been a rough ride, but it could’ve happened anywhere, really!

I don’t understand men’s inability to listen!!!!! I, sadly, signed up for the Nashville Singles Line, just to see what may come of it, and i can’t get over how men over the age of 40 apparently fail to hear the part that says i am not interested in someone over the age of 40, and that I don’t need someone old enough to be my father!! Now, one guy did tell me he heard that in the ad, why don’t any of the others hear it, and I love how one guy says he’s in his 50’s but acts like he’s in his 30’s!!! So, he’s an old man who hasn’t grown up yet!!!!! Just what i want!!! Let’s just say i won’t be renewing my membership!!!! All I ever hear is men with STRONG southern drawls, and I don’t mind a southern drawl, but I don’t want someone who sounds like he was on a shrimp boat with Bubba!!!! I’m a northerner, otherwise known as a damn Yankee by southerners, I just don’t have the patience to listen to some people take so long to get their point across, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had southerners tell me I talk too fast!!!! It’s normal speed where I come from!!! Oh well, live and learn I guess!!!!

Would Anyone Notice…

…if something horrible happened to me?????? I got to thinking about this randomly tonight, and it made me wonder whether anyone would notice I was gone. I have my friends, but I don’t know that it would phase them that anything might be wrong if I didn’t answer my phone for awhile, or answer text messages. I have 2 roommates (3 if you count the one’s BF who has pretty much moved in, without my approval, mind you), but one rarely comes home, but a couple times a week, and the other one, I don’t think she would notice until it came time to pay rent, or after a week or two, noticed my car never moved, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one. Even my mother, I don’t talk to her but a couple times a week, may not notice, and she doesn’t have any way of contacting any of my roommates/friends here, so I know she’d be frantic! I don’t plan on going missing, and, God willing, never will, but if something happens, I don’t want to be on the news, and sound like some sort of loner because no one noticed me for three weeks (when rent was due, of course)!!!!

Hey…gimmee my BALL back!!

Go to sleep!!

Hush…I said!!

I was COLD…thank you :>)

Nice doggie…GOOD boy :>)


Sleeping in again…

Is it Morning…YET???