My name is Christina, and I am 27.  When I asked a friend how she would describe me, she said I was blunt, with a great sense of humor, and demanding, in that I know what it is I want (I just may not always know how to attain it)!  I am a Christian, I do go to church every Sunday, and I am still working on developing a relationship with GOD.  I am a college graduate, having earned my Bachelor’s in Resort Management at Ferris State University, GO BULLDOGS! I grew up in Michigan, spent some time overseas, in Egypt and Thailand, then moved back to Michigan. Definitely, a fantastic experience, but I feel it has made me a much more open minded person, and I am extremely thankful for that!  After college, I moved to Nashville, where I didn’t know a soul, and I’m just trying to make it in the world!

Here’s a few things I’m interested in:

I think this would be an interesting forum for my thoughts, and allow you to see things the way I see them. You are welcome to read them, however, keep in mind, it is only a blog, I am sarcastic and do joke around quite a bit. so please don’t take everything I say that seriously!!!! Enjoy!!!

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I used to enjoy making art, although, I couldn’t, and still can’t, draw to save my life, but I liked slapping paint on paper and playing with pastels!

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