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Okay, so I’ve REALLY been neglecting my blog, but mostly because I figure most keep up with me on Twitter.  For those of you who may not, here’s a run down of what’s been going on since the holidays:

I started my new job – The new gig was a little rough in the first week, bored to tears in training, but made it out alive.  We’re in the 3rd week now, and it’s getting better.  Today, we got a little gift, which included a little keychain light, a mini first aid kit w/ plastic tweezers and bandaids, a mini calender, a set of crayons (not sure why, we didn’t get a coloring book), and it was all wrapped. Every so often, we get snacks and every Monday, we get free food.  So far, the perks are nice. Getting yelled at by old peeps that can’t remember what prescriptions they ordered blaming you for them running out of their meds…not so fun!  I can’t tell you how many times I heard “you people” and it drives me nuts!  I do like elderly people, so I’ve had some great conversations with some, and they’ll tell you their WHOLE life story, if you let them!  One girl even heard about how a woman’s bladder fell out of her vagina, or so she said…TMI!  And, even though I don’t wanna jinx it, there is some talk of hiring us permanently, so that would be cool.  And I’m assuming they need the help, they’re hiring another class to start next week…quite a few have either left, and one fired in less than 3 weeks!

Champ was put to sleep – yeah, it was his time, so my mother took him to the vet last Tuesday, and Casey apparently is still not quite over it yet…Vet did say it may take a couple weeks to a month, so hopefully, he’ll bounce back soon! May Champ RIP!



My foot – If you’ll remember back, I’ve written about my grossly abnormal feet, and it seems I have done something to aggravate them something fierce…some days, I’d rather have my right foot amputated, certain it’d be less painful!  The bad thing is there’s nothing that can really be done about it.  I’ve been told to get more calcium in my diet, and stay off my feet as much as possible.  I’ve had removable casts, and they help, HOWEVER, lack of insurance makes it a little less than feasible.  In the meantime, it takes me FOREVER to get anywhere…

Church – At CrossPoint, I had the opportunity to help out in the Kidz World last Sunday, and that was great!  As cute as the kids were, my stance on motherhood remains the same lol, but I got a chance to meet some interesting folks, like Lindsay Ferrier (I read her blog from time to time, and her hubby is on WSMV Channel 4 News, which I watch religiously) and Wally from Total Axxess (a great radio show on Christian radio…if you have a chance, listen to him, I GUARANTEE you will laugh), and thought it was neat to see all the people CP attracts.  I enjoyed it so much, I will be doing it on a weekly basis…well, really cuz Wendy asked me 🙂

Small Groups – My small group from TrueLife is going to be studying the book of Esther with Beth Moore, and we watched the introduction last night, I’m REALLY excited to get into it!  It’s a 9 week study, on Tuesday nights, at 6:30, in Pegram, so if you might be interested in joining us for the study, let me know!  Like I said, we are just starting week one now, so it’s not too late!  My small group from CrossPoint is starting up tomorrow night, and I’m excited about that one too, studying a book, not sure the name, but to my knowledge, it’s about Philipians, which should be good.  I found out who my “Sister in Spirit” is, and I’m even more excited…she’s one FABULOUS woman!

Well, I think I summed everything up for now, so I’m gonna head to bed, so I can do the whole work thing again tomorrow!  For some reason, though, I can’t seem to get up before 6am…I sleep through 4 alarms EVERYDAY, and I don’t know why!

January is . . . . National Careers in Cosmetology Month, National Eye Health Care Month, National Fiber Focus Month, National Hobby Month, National Soup Month, Hot Tea Month, Oatmeal Month, Prune Breakfast Month

January 1 is . . . . .First Foot Day and Z Day (holiday that can be celebrated by letting all those poor unfortunate people with names that start with Z be first in line)

January 2 is . . . . .Run Up the Flagpole and See if Anybody Salutes It Day

January 3 is . . . . .Festival of Sleep Day

January 4 is . . . . .Trivia Day and Humiliation Day

January 5 is . . . . .Bird Day

January 6 is . . . . .Bean Day

January 7 is . . . . .Old Rock Day

January 8 is . . . . .National JoyGerm Day and Man Watcher’s Day

January 9 is . . . . . Play God Day

January 10 is . . . . Peculiar People Day

January 11 is . . . . National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day

January 12 is . . . . Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day

January 13 is . . . . Make Your Dream Come True Day and Blame Someone Else Day

January 14 is . . . . National Dress Up Your Pet Day

January 15 is . . . . Hat Day

January 16 is . . . . Hot and Spicy Food International Day and National Nothing Day

January 17 is . . . . Blessing of the Animals at the Cathedral Day

January 18 is . . . . Winnie the Pooh Day

January 19 is . . . . National Popcorn Day

January 20 is . . . . National Buttercrunch Day

January 21 is . . . . National Hugging Day

January 22 is . . . . National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day and National Blonde Brownie Day

January 23 is . . . . National Handwriting Day, National Pie Day, and Measure Your Feet Day

January 24 is . . . . Eskimo Pie Patent Day

January 25 is . . . . Opposite Day

January 26 is . . . . Australia Day

January 27 is . . . . Punch the Clock Day and Thomas Crapper Day (Thomas Crapper invented the flushing toilet)

January 28 is . . . . National Kazoo Day, Clash Day, Rattle Snake Round-Up Day

January 29 is . . . . National Cornchip Day

January 30 is . . . . Escape Day

January 31 is . . . . National Popcorn Day and Child Labor Day

Well, I had a great Christmas…it was WHITE, and spent with FAMILY!  Some of the family I hadn’t seen in 2 years, so it was a great time to catch up.  The way our family does it, we all get together for Christmas Eve, and just have hors d’oeuvres, which everyone brings some, and the kids usually get a present to open.  Then on Christmas Day, we just have Christmas dinner with the immediate family. I fell in love all over again, with my cousin’s little boys, Mason and Connor.  They look like they could be dolls, they’re so cute!  Mason, who is 2, has autism, but he’s progressed so well since the last time I saw him, he’s talking a lot more, and is just so precious.  His mom (my cousin Kelli) brought over some nachos for him, and he even asked for a spoon to eat what was left after the chips were gone…WHAT 2 year old does that?  Then there’s his little brother, Connor, just stole my heart, he is just a happy toddler, and he loved zorberts so much he would start to lift of his shirt for you to blow on his belly!  As for the rest of the kids in the family, I couldn’t get over how much they’d grown…the oldest great grand kids were all a foot and a half taller, and I feel like I’ve been so out of the loop!  My other cousin’s baby (Lilly), who is maybe a year and a half, is now walking, and talking, and cute as a button!  Lily and her mommy were kinds sorta famous for a few seconds on Regis and Kelly, when they submitted their photo for cutest Halloween costumes:

amy-lily My uncle sometimes gives us lottery scratch-off tickets, and I won FIFTEEN BUCKS!!!  I’m NEVER lucky with those types of things.  Kelli’s husband, Patrick, won $4!

Christmas Day, we woke up to our precious REINDOGS…





I just stayed in my PJ’s, and relaxed.  We had sausage puff for brunch, and that’s our traditional breakfast on holidays.  We opened our presents, of which I got an electric toothbrush, a pair of sparkly socks, and PJ’s and slippers.  I loved it all!  We had a WONDERFUL ham dinner, of which I ate too much!  All in all, it was a GREAT Christmas, and my mother and I didn’t kill each other LOL!


From the Left: Sheila, Rick, Trevor


From the Left: Sheila, Rick, Trevor, Victor, Me, Marcia

The day after, I met a former coworker for brunch, and it was a great visit, I hadn’t really seen her in years, either, so we had a lot to catch up on.  I had dinner that night with old college buddies, and that was AWESOME!  I hadn’t seen any of them, except Sheila, since graduation.  Here are some pictures:

After that, I went to my old neighbor’s new house, which is basically a mini mansion, it’s MASSIVE!  They were having family in for a 50th birthday celebration, and were karaoking in the basement (of which the singing just didn’t run in the family), but it was fun, and the out of towners were fun people.  I left there late, and then kind of dragged my feet when it came time to leave to come back to TN.  I’m never in Michigan for more than 5 days at a time, and always feel so rushed seeing people, and can’t always see who I want to see.  I did, however, before I left Grand Blanc, do a driveby of our old house that I grew up in, and that was interesting!  I took a picture and sent it to my mom…

House where I grew up

House where I grew up

Of course, we always had WAY more Christmas decorations on the outside of the house, but I’ll give them credit for updating the house and making it look really nice.  When we had it, it was Dark brown shutters nad roof….Very 80’s LOL.  What’s funny is there’s this hill that you go up to get to our road, and we used to always say it was SO big, and going up it on bikes was a struggle sometimes, but when I drove up there, I though THIS was what we complained about…it was hardly even a hill!  I told my mom this, and she says I just got bigger, the hill didn’t get smaller, but I think it very well may have 🙂