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Human Tootsie Pop

I want to take a moment and brag a little…about my father!  See, if you ever met my dad, unless you came to know him REALLY well, you would think he’s a hard ass, for lack of a better term, but I think he resembles a tootsie pop.  The reason he had such a hard exterior is because he’s full of such sweet goodness in the center!  I bring this up because I was curious to see if he was ever in the media over in the UK, which is where he lives and works.  He is a plant manager for Vauxhall (GM), and from what he tells me on the phone, he rubs elbows with some of the big names in his neck of the woods.  There wasn’t much on him, but I did find an article that melted my heart, and thought it was worth sharing.  He’s not one to brag, so I’ll do it for him, and like I’ve said before, I couldn’t be prouder of him!  I am one of the luckiest girls on the planet to have such a wonderful father!  If not for him, I’d be homeless, so he really is my biggest hero.  No matter how much I’ve disappointed him, and there have been many times, he’s ALWAYS there for me!

I Don’t See the Problem!!

So, my dad called me today, which is (usually) a good thing, however, he called and the first thing he hit me with was why are you calling everyone asking who I’m with or what I’m doing??? I advised him I hadn’t called anyone but my brother, and he NEVER even picked up the phone, I did text him asking if my dad’s girlfriend (last I knew, that’s what she was) was up there with them, but my dad told me he wasn’t up north with him anymore, and I told him I didn’t know that, because he NEVER ANSWERED THE PHONE! It just makes me mad that my brother would tell him that I’m constantly calling him (of which I was doing so I could talk to my dad), and I’ve supposedly added more stress onto him, because he’s already so stressed out. It just bothers me that he gets after me about something I didn’t do!!! Well, I left a not-so-nice message for him, which wasn’t the best thing to do, but he had no business tattling to my dad, he’s not like that (usually)!!!!! And then, I told my dad I just wanted to know what was going on because I wanted to see him, but (I told him) last summer, he didn’t even seem to care whether or not he saw me, and doesn’t seem that interested this year either. I’ve only seen him for about 48 hours (max) in the last 2 years, and apparently, I’m not one of his priorities!!! Now, my brother, with his depression, which has led him to withdraw from college classes, is still the golden child, makes sense to me!!!!!!

Father’s Day

Well, I don’t live near my family, so the holidays aren’t like everyone else’s, and, especially, since my father lives in England, I hardly get to see him, as it is. I did call him, but I think he was at church, so I left him a nice message, but it’s his home phone, and he travels a lot, and I didn’t get a call from him yesterday, being that Saturday is when he’s supposed to call, and he does forget when he travels. Either way, he’ll get the message, but I just wish I could give nice gifts to them as a token for my appreciation. I love my parents dearly, and despite everything that’s gone on in the past few years, they still did a FANTASTIC job raising my brother and I. My dad doesn’t read my blog, I haven’t showed it to him, I still haven’t worked up the courage to tell him I don’t have a job anymore, but only because I love him, and don’t need him worrying, nor do I need the lectures!