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Do The Right Thing???

You’re at a bustling airport, and you sit down at one of the food courts, and under your chair, you find a duffel bag…full of money…at least $100,000.  What would you do?  Would you keep it?  Try to find the owner?  Dontate it to charity?  Be honest!

Full Exposure????

Inquiring minds wanna know: (ANYONE can chime in on this one)

If you went to a beach (without children), and it turned out to be a nude beach, would you stay and go swimming? Would you swim nude?  If you ran into someone you knew there, and they happened to be baring all, would that influence your decision any?

Would Anyone Notice…

…if something horrible happened to me?????? I got to thinking about this randomly tonight, and it made me wonder whether anyone would notice I was gone. I have my friends, but I don’t know that it would phase them that anything might be wrong if I didn’t answer my phone for awhile, or answer text messages. I have 2 roommates (3 if you count the one’s BF who has pretty much moved in, without my approval, mind you), but one rarely comes home, but a couple times a week, and the other one, I don’t think she would notice until it came time to pay rent, or after a week or two, noticed my car never moved, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one. Even my mother, I don’t talk to her but a couple times a week, may not notice, and she doesn’t have any way of contacting any of my roommates/friends here, so I know she’d be frantic! I don’t plan on going missing, and, God willing, never will, but if something happens, I don’t want to be on the news, and sound like some sort of loner because no one noticed me for three weeks (when rent was due, of course)!!!!