Seeing as I worked customer service for Priceline, here is your guide to getting out of the reservations, so long as the date of the reservation hasn’t passed:

Name Your Own Price Reservations (where PCLN chooses your itinerary):

  • Airline: If you don’t like your flight times, and just booked the flight, just claim you entered in the wrong name, and you’ll only be charged $7.45/ticket, and they’ll cancel it (so long as the airline is NOT Jet Blue, Spirit, ExpressJet, or Air Tran). If it’s been more than a day after you booked the reservation, you can claim miscarriage, or missing child. No documentation is required, and they’ll cancel it for you!
  • Hotel: If you call and say someone died, just say a family member died, and find a funeral home in the phone book and give the name and phone # of the funeral home, they’ll claim “upon verification, your reservation will be cancelled”, but they don’t verify any information, you’ll get a full refund.
  • Rental Car: Claim that you meant to book a one way reservation (picking up and dropping off in different locations) and they’ll issue full refund

Retail Reservations (where you choose your itinerary):

  • Airline: Unfortunately, if it’s been more than a day since you booked the reservation, your best bet is to call the airline (go by the first 3#’s of your ticket # to determine which to call should you have an itinerary with multiple airlines), because they are most likely the merchant, and PCLN will charge a service fee/ticket.
  • Hotel: If the reservation is prepaid, claim you entered the wrong date, you’ll only be charged $25/room to cancel. (With these reservations where you choose your hotel, you’ll always have a fee of at least $25 to cancel, no matter how far away your reservation is, but some cancellation policies aren’t cancellable at all)
  • Rental Car: These reservations are not prepaid, you should be able to cancel no problem