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Who Would WANT to Get Married Nowadays???

Oprah had a show, today, about men cheating, which was enlightening, yet, somewhat sad.  They had several couples who were surprisingly open about the affairs they had and why. 

  • They said they felt underappreciated with the lack of affection and attention. 
  • VERY rarely was it that a man would cheat with someone better looking than their spouse, but they gave them the attention and made them feel appreciated. 
  • Men are emotional beings, despite what many women think, it’s just they are not as expressive as women. 
  • The startling statistic is 1 in 3 men cheat in their marriage! 
  • VERY few ever admit to the cheating, MOST women will NEVER know!
That was just a little of what was said, M. Gary Neuman, who was on the show, wrote a book called Truth About Cheating.  You can go to Oprah’s website and download the book for free for a limited time, I did.  It just makes me wonder if I want to get married.  That’s a LOT to deal with, can men really be trusted??  I know I shouldn’t base my life on statistics, but between these statistics and the divorce rates, I’m really rethinking whether I EVER want to get married down the road.  I’ve met some men that you would NEVER have thought they could do anything wrong, upstanding citizens, leaders in their church and community, and it’s just very shocking to find out they aren’t the most faithful.
I did do some research, and looked up about women cheating, and it appears 1 in 5 have had a fling during their marriage, so that’s not that good either, but, in my opinion, in general, women have more self control, but if they do cheat, it’s for the same reasons.
Do these statistics shock you???  What do you think???

I don’t understand men’s inability to listen!!!!! I, sadly, signed up for the Nashville Singles Line, just to see what may come of it, and i can’t get over how men over the age of 40 apparently fail to hear the part that says i am not interested in someone over the age of 40, and that I don’t need someone old enough to be my father!! Now, one guy did tell me he heard that in the ad, why don’t any of the others hear it, and I love how one guy says he’s in his 50’s but acts like he’s in his 30’s!!! So, he’s an old man who hasn’t grown up yet!!!!! Just what i want!!! Let’s just say i won’t be renewing my membership!!!! All I ever hear is men with STRONG southern drawls, and I don’t mind a southern drawl, but I don’t want someone who sounds like he was on a shrimp boat with Bubba!!!! I’m a northerner, otherwise known as a damn Yankee by southerners, I just don’t have the patience to listen to some people take so long to get their point across, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had southerners tell me I talk too fast!!!! It’s normal speed where I come from!!! Oh well, live and learn I guess!!!!