Gas prices are not looking good!!! I still don’t have a job, and my bills aren’t getting any lower!!!! What kills me is Bush goes to Saudi trying to get them to produce more gas, but the king asks where’s the demand, so it appears the US isn’t buying enough oil…I’m not all that educated in the politics of it, but I must say, it does seem awfully fishy when you have the the CEO’s chevron and other gas companies saying they reinvested the profits, yeah ok! The gov’t says they know we’re suffering, what does he do about it…blames other factors! the gov’t has to have more power than to let the gas companies gouge consumers, and up the prices on everything!!!!!

Even American Airlines (glad I don’t work for PCLN anymore) is about to implement a new policy of $15 fee for passenger’s first piece of checked baggage! I wasn’t happy when they started charging the same fee for reserving seats, but I understand why they did it, trying to cut down on phone calls, customers could reserve seats online for free, but as far as the baggage fee, it may hurt them more so, than if they hadn’t imposed it.
AA will already be cutting 10% of their flights as it is. The news did say that for ever $10/barrel of gas, it costs them millions of dollars, but still!!!! All I can say is pray for some relief!!!!!