So I was on my way to my interview on Tuesday, would’ve been a fantastic job, what I went to school for, everything I’d wanted to do since I’d “grown up”, and I somehow ended up in the ER!!

I was on my way to the interview, at the little barista next to the Nashville City Library, turns out to get to the library from the parking garage, you have to take the escalator, so no problem, I step on, and realize I wasn’t on the whole step like I should’ve been.  I fall forward, there’s some loud thuds, and I am down at the bottom bleeding and crying and screaming for help.  There were luckily three men that came running down to my rescue, one named Felix stayed w/ me until the ambulance came.  I was in a panic, because I couldn’t open my left eye for a minute, and I don’t like the site of my own blood, and there was far more than anyone would think coming from a 3 cm gash!

Ambulance came and asked me which hospital, they put one of those neck braces on me, and no one realized how uncomfortable they really are until they’ve worn them, I couldn’t breathe, and they refused to take it off me for almost an hour!  I apologized to the EMT for having them make such a fuss over my gracefulness. The whole way over there, I remember I kept thinking are they going to have to shave my eyebrow???  Thinking I’d just spent 15 bucks on a waxing last week!!!

EMT’s asked me which hospital I wanted to go to, I said the closest, they took me to Baptist, of which some of the people there just didn’t make me think they were qualified for their positions!  The one nurse that I met upon entering the hospital couldn’t have been brighter than a box of rocks, she couldn’t even figure out the computer system to get my name in it, and then said, “Oh, well that’s stupid,” the EMT’s had to help her!  I just got sick of having to repeat myself umpteen times because she kept entering it in the wrong place!  She then did some stuff and left, then some little girl came in to take me for a CT scan, and she was just chompin’ on her gum, like a damn cow, all the way, I was about to ask her how the gum was, but figured if I pissed her off, she would either ram me into something or leave me somewhere, so I tolerarted it!  After I was brought back to my room, the doctor to suture me up came in, he was pretty cool, but the numbing stuff they injected me with hurt like a bitch!  He did inform me that they don’t shave eye brows because they may grow in a different color, what a relief!!!!  My left leg wouldn’t stop twitching, between my squeeling and crying, and then when he did the actual stitches, I couldn’t feel anything, my left leg still wouldn’t relax.  The doctor asked me if I had an anxiety issue, “not until now”  I told him.  He told me I was such a trooper, but I still felt like a big ol’ wimp!  Now, I’m just hoping he stitched it up good enough, Cover girl will at least cover it up, and that my eyebrow doesn’t end up looking all cockywaddled.  Eleven stitches later, blood stained clothing and hair, bruises galore on my left side, and even left with perforations on my stomach from the steps, I had a rough day! I played hell getting ahold of one of my new roommates so I could get someone to take me to my car, and so after calling information so I could call the apt complex, and then asked them to call one of the roommates, (I left my cell at home, and tried calling it a bunch of times, thinking it would drive them up the wall they’d have to answer it, but no) but I figure even if I had taken my cell, I always leave it in my car when going to job interviews anyways.  Hannah, came and saved the day, and came to pick me up and drove me to my car.  When I got home, turns out my other roommate, Rachel sprained her ankle, and was hobbling around on crutches, we told Hannah she was next.  I was thinking last night, that for me to go to the library, I actually should’ve gone up the escalator…..All I know is if this incident doesn’t knock any sense into me, I don’t know what will!  Just an FYI…don’t do for shits and giggles!

I tried calling Sarah Bates back from the Homewood Suites, but so far have only gotten a voicemail or a fax machine to answer, so hopefully she’ll call me back!!!!!