I remember watching Oprah years and years ago, and she had this great idea of writing down things you were grateful for daily, and being that I’m not currently where I want to be in my life, I do have quite a bit to be thankful for, so I’ll post, in an attempt to look at the glass half full, instead of half empty.

Anwar El-Sadat, the former Egyptian President, said “Most people seek after what they do not possess and are thus enslaved by the very things they want to acquire.” I am soooooo guilty of this, and wish it weren’t so easy to forget all I have!!!!!

  • Family – I am very blessed to have two parents that love me dearly, and a younger brother who was a pain to grow up with, but really is an awesome kid and I couldn’t have asked for a better sibling! My grandmother doesn’t always say exactly what I want to hear, but she’s honest, and only says it because she cares!
  • My sense of humor – If it weren’t for my humor, I think I’d be a total basket case!!! It’s the only thing that really makes my day better. Not everyone gets it, but I figure if I laughed, then it was worth the attempt, may look silly to other people, but I’m used to it at this point!!!! I love to laugh, and it just helps to make the world a better place!!!!
  • My Church – I know I’m not the most religious person, but I must say, through the church, I’ve gotten closer to God, but have also made some fantastic friends! I’m still working on the God part, and realizing that He has a path for me, and He determines what happens, more so than I do.
  • Just being able to stand up – a friend reminded me that just being able to function as a normal person is really a blessing, and something we ALL take for granted, because you never know if/when it could all be taken away, and you have to rely on others to do everyday tasks. I am certainly grateful for my independence!
  • My friends – without them, it’s hard to keep going all the time, so I am thankful they are in my life for encouragement when times are rough, and great companionship throughout everything!!!
  • The roof over my head – I don’t know that I could function, or even know the first thing about being homeless, I’ve always been fortunate enough to be sheltered, but there are far too many people who haven’t been so lucky. I am blessed.
  • So, I’ve been slacking on this, it’s just getting harder to appreciate what you do have when you are “inbetween jobs” and can’t help but pray that a job comes along and SOON! Anyhoo, if nothing else, I am definitely thankful that i was smart enough to put some money away as an emergency fund, and that I can afford to eat, for the time being!
  • My health – this is one of those things you don’t realize you loved it until it’s gone, and when you see, hear, read about anyone suffering, you just thank God for how fortunate you are that you’re healthy. I may be overweight, however, that is my only issue, luckily no diabetes, cholesterol, or high blood pressure (unless I’m extremely stressed out, but that’s rare!) to worry about, so let me be thankful while I have it!!!! And pray for those who don’t have that luxury!!!
  • My freedom – there is something to be said about being fortunate to have been born and raised in the land of the free. There are people constantly fearing for their lives in Africa, and women who can’t even leave their homes without being accompanied by a male family member in the Middle East, so I am very thankful I am able to live my own life, and not be controlled by a man or anyone else!
  • My heart – I think I have a pretty good one. It’s been tried many times, but I believe I was brought up with such compassion, that Extreme Home Makeover makes me cry on a regular basis, and hearing too much news breaks my heart! On the other end of it, I believe my heart can, and will make me do stupid things, but I hope my head will try to keep me in check.
  • I’m learning now that my heart isn’t as great as I thought it was, I haven’t guarded it like I should have, hatred and a variety of other emotions have attached to it, and it’s taken its toll. I’m thankful now that I know what needs to be done in order to change things.
  • Maybe being unemployed hasn’t been such a negative thing, it is, in that there’s no income, but I think it’s really allowed me to TRY to get closer to God. Right now, my faith is being tested, however, I think I’ve begun to understand that without God, nothing would be possible, and that he has a path for me, I just wish I had the patience it demands for him to show me.