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Why ME?

I know it seems like my roommate issues have been an ongoing theme here at Schmidt Happens, but, for some reason, I have a real gift for finding the worst roommates.  I know what you’re thinking…maybe it’s me.  It’s not.  All the issues are different.  If they were the same ones, I’d think it was me too, but I couldn’t make up the weird ones if I tried!  I really think I’m a reasonable roommate, not the best, I have my flaws, and I’ll be the first to admit it.  My roommate, on the other hand, fails to see that she has any, and is now holding me to standards that she, herself, doesn’t uphold.

And so the saga continues…

118 – Enforce an unreasonable policy

Keri (roommate) comes into my room earlier today (Sunday) and says something along the lines of “I really didn’t want to have to do this, but I tried to make it work, and it just hadn’t” and hands me a sheet of paper:


I, stupidly (shame on me), signed the note without reading the whole thing because I just wanted her out of my room.  If you caught the last line, it states “it is not to be discussed with any other person,” so apparently, I’m not allowed the freedom of speech, according to her, but you know me…I’m SO not the quiet type.

I am wondering if she is just looking for an excuse to kick me out, does she not want the rent money? Does she just not like me? I thought we were really getting along lately, and she hadn’t bitched about anything in awile.  That’s what threw me for the loop, I really can’t tell you the last time she complained about something silly, I thought she was loosening up a little.  NOPE.

My friend, Katie, advised I better start looking for a new place to live.   Like I said, I’m not the greatest roommate.  I MAY not put my groceries away immediately, and I MAY not necessarily put my dishes away at the moment the dishwasher is done, but I’m respectful of her and her things, and keep to myself a lot of the time.  There are FAR worst people out there.  And I LOVE how “the ceramic stovetop cleaner will be used by Landlord.” Can I not be trusted with that even???  I have a wicker basket on the counter in there, and now, I can’t even put what I want in my own freakin’ basket!  Am I the only one thinking this is absurd?!?!?!?!?  The bathroom is not nearly as bad as she makes it sound, I swear she makes special trips in there just to see what it looks like.  The only thing on the floor of the bathroom is my rugs and dog hair, from HER dog!  I really just want to scream.  I feel like I’ve bent over backwards trying to make her happy, even giving myself a curfew, and I’ve done really well, trying to be home by 10pm as to not wake her up.  My friend asked if I’d slipped up on curfew and that’s what started it, I said there’s no way…had that been an issue, you’d better be sure it’d be included in this screwed up “policy.” I just don’t understand why it is I have to endure such insanity…the only silver lining is great blogging material, as a friend has pointed out before.

If anyone happens to know of someone NORMAL needing a roommate (preferably) on the west side of downtown, at a reasonable rate, please let me know.  I’ll pretty much be out on my butt in 2 weeks.

Have you had any HORRIBLE roommate experiences? If so, what did you do to combat them?

Schmidt’s Latest Happenings

  • Job hunting – my temporary assignment was up with Caremark, so back to hitting the pavement.  They should be hiring in the next month or two permanently, but I really don’t want to have to wait that long, nor does my father want to keep bailing me out financially.  He’s so uneasy about his job right now @ GM, in England, the lectures are getting longer and longer everytime I ask for money.  In the meantime, I’m trying to get my Melaleuca business off the ground.
  • Tutoring – I did get an itty bitty job working as a tutor for the kids in the No child left behind program, that were left behind.  It’s only 4 hours a week, but it’s a couple hundred dollars in my pocket a month.  Not too sure how it’s going to work out.  The head lady said I was more of an instructor today that interacting with the kids.  I guess I’ll do my best to work on that, it just is difficult when you have more than one child, and they’re on different levels, and to pay attention to what they’re doing.
  • Computer died again – I guess when it falls off the bed enough times, it’s bound to stop working! It would’ve cost more than it was probably worth, so I ended up replacing it, on a whim (which I don’t recommend) when I went to staples…to get notebooks, like the binder kind, not the computer kind! I did get a free printer (after rebate) and I have a year to pay it off with no interest, no payments, when I signed up for a Staples credit card.  Darn me and my good credit, they just keep giving me more lines!
  • FINALLY finished a book – I was reading How to Win Friends and Influence People (cuz I could really use the help somedays), and it was good.  I started it about 5 months ago.  Not sure if I’ll change much, but I’m working on it 🙂 After my bible studies conclude, I’m going to attempt Twilight.  You know I have a dull life when me finishing a book is a big deal!   Probably lost what few readers I still had lurking around!

Going Bananas!

Back to our series of How To Irritate Your Roommate, she’s done it again! I honestly don’t think I’m a bad roommate, not perfect, but I could be SO much worse.  In case you’re new here, click here to catch up

117 – Throw their food away

I had bought a hand (or so it’s called) of bananas…there were 7.  I ate 2-3, so simple math would conclude I had at least 4 remaining.  I came home one day last week, and there were 2 bananas. I didn’t remember seeing a chaquite sticker on the ones I bought, so I assumed they were her’s. I still wondered what happened to mine, but hadn’t seen the roommate to ask her (she drives me nuts, so I try to stay clear for the most part).   A couple days later, she tells me she threw them away because she just can’t stand to see bananas go bad, and something about how she used to grow them.  She did offer to replace them, which I appreciated, but with as much stuff she has in the fridge that I’m sure has something growing on it, you’d think she would’ve just left it.  Don’t mess with my bananas, or fruit, or food, or ANYTHING!  I know it sounds VERY possessive, but she’s the same way.  I wouldn’t dare throw her food away (because there’s really no telling what it is), that’s her stuff, I leave it alone.  I think it’s because it’s her house that she feels entitlement, and I can understand that to a point, but there are quite a few cases where she’s crossed the line.

A Tithing Rap

This is a great clip that brings the point home about tithing, in a HILARIOUS way…Enjoy.