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A Tithing Rap

This is a great clip that brings the point home about tithing, in a HILARIOUS way…Enjoy.

Two-Timing is Hard To Do!


I have a dilemma, a commitment issue of sorts!  I am sick of being a two-timing church goer!  It gets exhausting going to two different churches on Sundays and I just don’t know what to do!  I go to Cross Point Community Church, and TrueLife Church

Crosspoint is HUGE compared to Truelife, which was just started about a year ago (I’m not sure we’ve ever hit 40 attendees).  I LOVE meeting new people, so Crosspoint is great for that, but then again, I don’t want to be just another body there, because I haven’t been attending there for that long.  I’ve met some WONDERFUL people, including DebAmanda, and the other ladies in Wendy’s small group, which make me feel less like that, but I really haven’t had much interaction with the ministry there (and I know I’ve been trying to meet Jenni Catron, but I guess I just have bad timing).  At Truelife, because it’s small, I know Pastor Phil and followed him from his previous church, and his wife, Katie, is one of my best friends.  Sadly, it hasn’t been growing in attendance like originally hoped, and as much as I like knowing everyone there, I like the idea of meeting new people, and that doesn’t really offer me that opportunity.  Both churches have good worship music, and leave me with better perspective on my relationship with God, or lack thereof, in some cases.  I just don’t know what to do!  I’d like to pick one, and be able to put more energy into it, but I’m so confused!  Between two services on Sunday’s and various other meetings and bible studies throughout the week, it takes its toll.  I, honestly, two years ago, would’ve NEVER thought this would be an issue because, up until about a year and a half ago, I RARELY even went to church since I was 11 years-old, but I’m learning I’m just too indecisive! 

What should I do, is it wierd be a member of two churches???  I actually haven’t officially become members to either church.  HELP!

Oh, What Fun!

So, tonight, I met up w/ a ladies group from Crosspoint, and I had a great time! They were really welcoming, and just seemed like a great group of women. I, surprisingly, was really kind of nervous going to a stranger’s house, but Wendy was very sweet, and all the women were a barrel of laughs! Wendy brought up the journal of gratitude idea…..I’m so on the ball, I’ve had mine going for the last couple of months 😀 (as you can see on my blog). Just wanted to say what a great little group it is, and I’ll be going back, as long as I don’t happen to land a job that would have me working odd hours lol

Now, for those of you that don’t know, I moved to Nashville 10 days after I graduated college, needing to get out of Michigan, to avoid the family drama surrounding my parents’ divorce, and figured I’d have much better luck finding a job outside of Michigan, being the highest in unemployment. Basically, my motives were to prove to myself I could make it on my own, and felt living near family would not allow me to be as independent as I needed. Why Nashville?? Well, I became obsessed with the Gaylord Opryland resort, wanting to work there, I even was fortunate enough to be able to follow the GM around for a day as a part of a college assignment before I graduated. I thought I made a good impression, he told me to send him a copy of my resume, I did so, and even sent a copy of the paper I wrote on the whole experience, but I got nothing! I applied and kept getting shut down, and since have given up seeing as now I live in Bellevue (whole other side of town). Other reasons I moved to Nashville (I digress, sorry) were that I thought it’d be a cheaper place to live, and with no state income tax, I’d be in good shape, however, I never realized that because it’s a little less to live, employers may pay you less too!!! I also liked the distance, not too far should i want to go home for a visit, but not close enough, I’d end up at home every month.

It’s been exactly 2 years since I moved to Nashville, and some days it makes me wonder if it’s only really been 2 years!!! I feel like I’ve been through so much since I moved here, between my numerous jobs and traffic violations, however, It should be more than 2 years!!!! Growing up, you think by the age of 25, you’re gonna have it all together, and I couldn’t be farther from that, at this point! I never thought I’d be livin’ on my dreams and spaghettio’s in my little apartment just trying to get by!!! The only difference is it’s Ramen and Mac and Cheese!!!! Had someone told me I would have had this much trouble with jobs, when I was back in college, I would have probably laughed, thinking my college education would be extremely desirable, and I would be the ideal candidate!!!!!! Somehow, though, everything has worked out, I’ve had to swallow my pride, a couple of times, and ask Mom and Dad for money, just to make rent, and if nothing else, I’ve learned now that God has a plan, I’m just not liking this part of the journey, and unfortunately, patience isn’t my greatest virtue at this time. I think, though, lately, I’ve been able to accept the fact that the Lord does pretty much make the decisions for my life, and that I’m not completely in control, and that when the time is right, I will find that perfect job, husband, etc…I have found a great church I belong to, and who would’ve thunk me a church goer in college??? NOBODY, I promise you!!

In the 2 years, I’ve made, and, sadly, lost quite a few, as well, due to a myspace blog I posted about having accidentally letting my roommate’s cat out, and may I just state that we cannot confirm the death of the cat, at this point, I did wait for him to come home, and he didn’t. Can’t say that I miss him, but I wouldn’t intentionally throw a cat out of the apartment, unless I was provoked, say, if it bit me, but these cats are quick, I wouldn’t even be able to catch them!!! I’m a dog person, but can co-exist with cats, or so I thought! Either way, I lost friends, or people I thought were my friends, maybe they were looking for anything to get out of it, I don’t know, again, everything happens for a reason, so they just weren’t meant to be in my life for that long, and now, I’m okay with that, and don’t need people like that in my life!!!!! It was interesting, though, the people that did come to my defense in the situation, Gotta love the ones who make the most random things, that have no effect on their lives, whatsoever, all about them!!! Water under the bridge now! i now know who my true friends are, thankfully!

The only thing I wish I hadn’t gone through was the whole escalator mishap, but again, now I know how much medical treatment costs, and will have to be almost dying should I need to go to the ER!!! Needless to say, I need to be careful where I step!

i can’t say that I ever regretted moving here, I have met some interesting people, had some really good times, it’s just been a rough ride, but it could’ve happened anywhere, really!

Mud & Lightning????

So, in church today, the pastor said he’d heard some people believe mud and lightning are the origins of everything on earth. I figure it must be some kind of special mud!!!! Could this be what created EVERYTHING??????? Watch the clip and see what you think!

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

The other day, I heard on the radio how the Two Rivers Church wants to “purge” members from the church because they sued the church over the church not allowing them access to the financial records. Now, I’m wondering why the church, or any church for that matter, has any right to say who can and cannot worship GOD in their house of God! Isn’t God the one who graced everyone with all that they have? I, personally, wouldn’t return to a church if I were in that situation, I mean, just the tension from fellow congregation members would be enough to make me feel awkward, but from the pastor too…Not an ideal situation to me.

I, actually, was banned from a church (West Meade Fellowship) a few months ago, because apparently the choir director can’t take constructive criticism. All I said was the music seemed a little slower than I had remembered. Just some background, I had attended this church for awhile, but once the pastor resigned, and started up another church, I went there (he keeps me awake during the sermons, pretty important I think!) and returned to that church to see about some money the church owes me pertaining to a missions trip we were supposed to take. I reserved the rooms, we weren’t able to go, and the hotel charged my card still, even after I begged and pleaded for a refund. Well, the day after I went to church, I received an message from the main choir singer on my myspace:

I have a lot that I would like to say but I’m going to condense it for the sake of time. I was very disappointed to hear of your comments to Kathy yesterday. Whether you like or hate the music at West Meade really is immaterial, your comments were classless and evil. How can you call yourself a Christian, then sit through a sermon in God’s house plotting your revenge against another believer like that? For your own benefit, you should take a long look at yourself. As a result of your actions, if you ever return to West Meade for any reason other than to apologize to Kathy and/or to appropriately worship, you will immediately be escorted off the property. As for your request for reimbursement – YOU rented the room in YOUR name, which means YOU are responsible to cancel YOUR reservation. YOU failed to do so and the church is in no way responsible for YOUR negligence. If you disagree, please feel free to hire an attorney to further pursue the matter.
Kevin Mills

I, for one, only said the music was slow, I didn’t say it was down right horrible, but it just amazes me how some people react!!! I’m one who, and I understand now that some people may not be, would rather be told something is a little off. Maybe I don’t notice or realize something about myself or what I’m doing, so I’d appreciate some feedback, so long as it’s in a helpful tone. I felt I was trying to help, not out to be evil and mean spirited, I really do have the best of intentions, unfortunately the people involved missed the boat on that one!

I did apologize to the choir director, turns out she was just having a really horrible day, and apparently, in her emotional state, it just got to her. I understood, we all have those days, however, I don’t understand Mr. Mills’ comments. What’s funny is my friend says her 4-year-old daughter plays church better than half the people at West Meade, and I fully agree!!!! Not that all the people there are bad, don’t get me wrong, there are some good people, I just thought people would be the most understanding in a church environment!!!!

Church is supposed to be where we all come together to worship GOD, and regardless of what we do, if we repent our sins, He will forgive us. Just my 2 cents on church!

Oh, I do love my church now, it’s small, we’re growing, but we’re all there for the right reason, to get right with our awesome GOD!!!!