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She’s Moving South!

My best friend/suite-mate from college, Sheila, is moving to Louisville today, and I’m really excited!  She’s been living in Chicago, paying WAY too much in rent, and decided she wanted to be closer to ME! Not really, but I believe what I want anyways. 🙂  I’m just glad she’s only gonna be 3 hours away, and then maybe, JUST MAYBE, our friends from college will venture south to visit, because EVERYONE just LOVES Sheila!!!! If not, hopefully, I’ll be able to attend Dan and Brenda’s wedding in March, where the majority, if not all, will be in attendence.


This is Dr. Sheila…

We were suite-mates (we shared a bathroom between rooms in the dorms) in college, for 2 years, both had our issues with roommates, and made each other laugh, even when we were afraid we were going to fail a class, or were uncertain about how our decisions would pan out post college, and ended up BFF’s in the process!! She’s now in Chicago, a pharmacist, and I’m trying to get her to move to Nashville, she did like it here, and she’s sick of paying $1300 for rent (can’t say that I blame her)!! I hadn’t seen her since we graduated May of 2006, so it was exciting to meet up!!!!

On Thursday, we went to see this girl perform, and she was amazing, as always! Katie tagged along too, and she’s always an added bonus! Friday, we had a mini barbecue here in the 865 Bellevue complex, and Katie and Sarah joined us, and had a grand ol’ time! We then made an attempt at a dessert…

I was watching the Food Network one day, and they had a company who made chocolate covered frozen bananas, so why couldn’t we???? Well, probably because we don’t have the equipment, but we tried!!!!! They weren’t all that bad, and Sheila loved the sprinkle addition!!!! Next time, we think we’ll fondue it! The next day, we cooked, we made fried eggplant (a personal favorite), marinated chicken (you don’t know what your missing until you’ve had this chicken, promise!), and broccoli…and it was nothing less than fantastic, in my book, and Sheila loved it. She said she didn’t expect to learn to cook, and she said it was so easy. I told her it’s Chef Schmidt style, and I only do easy ha ha!!! I even sent a picture of the food to my mother as proof I do cook, she called laughing!!!!

That day, we went wandering around downtown, I pointed out where Nicole and Keith Urban have a condo, and told her she needs to move there, and I’ll move in with her…she did like the downtown, but she said it’d be at least a year until she changes jobs. I got my fingers crossed!!!! Sunday, she went to church with me, she said she’s not a singer, so she didn’t sing, but she said she enjoyed it, so that was cool!!! We then had our little luncheon afterwards, which Emily and Jason did a fantastic job cooking!!!! Sheila decided to stick around until Monday, which was great! We went to have Chinese over at China Spring, which was pretty good, and went to TCBY, and James, a friend of mine, joined us!!!! We woke up today, she said she wanted some grits, we went to waffle house Friday, and she had loved them then, she offered to pay, so how could I refuse that??  Yes, I can be bought, and it usually doesn’t take much!!!!!  She left earlier today, and it was just a good time for her to come, I’ve just been in a rut, with no job, and what not, and she needed a change of scenery, so it was a great visit!!!!  Thanks Sheila for coming ALL the way from Chicago to visit little ol’ me!!!!

Roommate Update

Well, after Hannah, David and I had some words about my having left a check for lower rent, David apparently won’t be living here anymore!!! So happy! Maybe it was the day I went downstairs, not fully dressed, to grab clothes from the dryer that scared him away (I didn’t think he was there, it was dark down the hallway, but he didn’t see much, if anything, just a glimpse without pants LOL, I could care less should he want to gouge his eyes out after that), he was not happy, but WHATEVER!!!! Rachel, who really lives at her boyfriend’s up in Hendersonville, came home yesterday, and I feel bad that she doesn’t live here, but pays rent/utilities/cable, so I told her I would have no problem with her looking to replace her as a roommate, and she could put her stuff in storage, if need be, a whole lot cheaper than staying here.   She said she’ll post on Craigslist, or if anyone knows of anyone needing a new place to live, let me know!!!! Although, i don’t know that anyone reading my blog would wish my less than spectacular living situation on their worst enemies 🙂

Would Anyone Notice…

…if something horrible happened to me?????? I got to thinking about this randomly tonight, and it made me wonder whether anyone would notice I was gone. I have my friends, but I don’t know that it would phase them that anything might be wrong if I didn’t answer my phone for awhile, or answer text messages. I have 2 roommates (3 if you count the one’s BF who has pretty much moved in, without my approval, mind you), but one rarely comes home, but a couple times a week, and the other one, I don’t think she would notice until it came time to pay rent, or after a week or two, noticed my car never moved, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one. Even my mother, I don’t talk to her but a couple times a week, may not notice, and she doesn’t have any way of contacting any of my roommates/friends here, so I know she’d be frantic! I don’t plan on going missing, and, God willing, never will, but if something happens, I don’t want to be on the news, and sound like some sort of loner because no one noticed me for three weeks (when rent was due, of course)!!!!