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Silence Just Can’t Be Golden

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in the world without a voice??  I now have more of an understanding of what it may be like, I have just outright lost my voice, since last night, and now, because of it, I had to call in to work, and just sit w/ a frown bc i’m so aggravated by the fact that I can’t say what I want to say!  I went into Walgreens today, and when I was greeted, I whispered back, but he didn’t hear me, and then made a comment about it when I told him I couldn’t talk when I got to the register, I felt so bad, but he understood.  Then going to Wendy’s was an ordeal because the girl couldn’t understand me!  This is for the birds, I HAVE to talk!!!!  Not only for work, but in everyday life!!!!!  I am a person who likes to help, whether it be w/ information or whatever, my outgoing personality isn’t suited for not being able to speak!!!!  Even if I let out a burp, somehow it’s louder than I can speak, and I want people to hear me say excuse me if they heard the burp.

Anyhow, work let me come in and keep an eye on the switchboard for 6 hours, as opposed to the 10 I was supposed to work today, but still it is no fun, and there’s no telling if they’ll let me come in and do just this again.  Either way, you all know you’ll be hearin’ me when I get my voice back, PROMISE!!!!

So, for those of you that don’t know, I have now moved into what I perceive as “la ghetto” otherwise known as Antioch, TN.  I like the apartment, it is nice, and love my new roommate, but I just hate the area it’s in!

Within the first 24 hours of my moving in, my couch was stolen!  When I moved in, the girl who I was replacing still had her stuff there, so there wasn’t any room to put it in the apt, so we left it in the breezeway, and I had to go to work that evening, and in that time, she was supposed to move her shit out, and move my couch in, but she didn’t!!!!  Now, my roommate was gone all weekend, but when I got back from work on Friday night, the couch was still there, and when I left for work the next morning, it was still there, but when returning around 8:30 that night, the damn thing was gone!!!!!!!!!

I have to work late on Sunday and Monday nights, till Midnight, and I can never find parking!!!!  I am not about to compromise my safety walking in the dark because I can’t find nearby parking, and I can’t run fast if I think I’m being followed! So one night, I got home from work, and decided I was gonna park on the sidewalk, and then I’m getting ready to leave the next day for a job interview, and I got a big ol’ bright green tow immediately sticker on my car!!!!!  I was pissed!!  I went in and bitched the little guy out that works there (it’s his own fault, when he asked how I was, I told him I was pretty freakin’ pissed, (but I think I was nice enough to ask how he was in return), and he went to go speak to the manager there, and she called me in her office, and basically made it sound like she could care less.  She said she’ll look into the parking issue and see if all the cars there belong there, but I know there are plenty of “baby mama’s” and “baby daddy’s” that are there and don’t belong there!  It’s just horrible when you’re exhausted after a long day and can’t go to bed because of parking!!!!  If anyone knows anyone looking for a roommate, with ample parking, LET ME KNOW!!!!!!