I don’t understand men’s inability to listen!!!!! I, sadly, signed up for the Nashville Singles Line, just to see what may come of it, and i can’t get over how men over the age of 40 apparently fail to hear the part that says i am not interested in someone over the age of 40, and that I don’t need someone old enough to be my father!! Now, one guy did tell me he heard that in the ad, why don’t any of the others hear it, and I love how one guy says he’s in his 50’s but acts like he’s in his 30’s!!! So, he’s an old man who hasn’t grown up yet!!!!! Just what i want!!! Let’s just say i won’t be renewing my membership!!!! All I ever hear is men with STRONG southern drawls, and I don’t mind a southern drawl, but I don’t want someone who sounds like he was on a shrimp boat with Bubba!!!! I’m a northerner, otherwise known as a damn Yankee by southerners, I just don’t have the patience to listen to some people take so long to get their point across, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had southerners tell me I talk too fast!!!! It’s normal speed where I come from!!! Oh well, live and learn I guess!!!!