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I need to move!!

Going through all the job sites online and finding very little that I can stand to do makes me think I need to move away. Not that I want to, but it’d be a fresh start. Nashville wasn’t a good place for my aspirations of the hotel business to begin with, I just thought it’d be a cheaper place to live, and not all the way across the country from my family, so if I wanted, I could go home fairly easily. My lease here is up in September, but I just feel like it’s time to move on! I love the friends that I have here, however, I’ve lost a bunch of friends over stupid stuff (I think they were just looking for any excuse really). I don’t want to move, it’s so hard to start over new, not knowing anyone, but I get in this pattern where I need a change every 3 years, but it’s only been 2 here, I am thinking that somehow I think if I move, things will be better, and if I analyze the situation, it won’t be a smart idea, but not having a job at the moment, and not liking the limited options available, it’s very discouraging!!!!!! I just hope things pan out, VERY SOON!!!!!!

So, in church today, the pastor said he’d heard some people believe mud and lightning are the origins of everything on earth. I figure it must be some kind of special mud!!!! Could this be what created EVERYTHING??????? Watch the clip and see what you think!

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

So, it’s now Sunday, I was fired from ACS on Tuesday, and just received word that I am not needed to go into work on Monday!!! Just my luck!!!! I’ll explain ACS in a moment, but the other job I had was working for a company called Metro Livery, which is basically an upscale cab company. The woman in the office liked me real well, had offered me the job when I applied while still working for ACS, however, they didn’t offer insurance, so I turned it down. I went back in the day I was let go, and explained my situation, was offered a job the next day, and showed up for work on Thursday. Apparently, what she told me when she called today was that I had made too many mistakes, and that I actually cost them business from one of the hotels. Apparently from day one, and two, I’m supposed to be just perfect, and I guess I’m not! I told her I entered all of the reservations in the computer and don’t know what could’ve happened! At least she saved me a whole trip into work, and back, but I feel I should be given another chance, it was my first two days of work!!! I figured there was something strange about how he paid me for Thursday and Friday, after I was told it’d be a week, but really didn’t think anything of it. Just incredibly disappointing!!!!!!!

As for ACS, that job, I’d had for just over a year, I wasn’t happy there, but was a good agent, showed up for work everyday, worked a butt load of overtime, and should’ve been made supervisor, however, that’s another story! Apparently, the cause of my termination was that I hung up on a customer, and apparently, there’s a zero tolerance policy on that, which I was never made aware of. This woman called in about a refund status, and somehow, the agents that had her before me failed to hit the submit button on a refund request, therefore, it was never processed. I advised her I submitted it, and it could take up to 2 weeks before she hears anything. Well, she was pissed, and felt she should be compensated because she’s been waiting on the refund. I advised her I was unable to do that, she wanted the refund expedited, I told her there was no way for me to rush the process, by this time, she’s irate and wanting to speak with someone else, and with the department I’m in, there’s no one i can transfer her to, we just advise she needs to email our management team, that’s their next level of recourse if they don’t like what we have to say, and they’ll get back with the customer within a business day, but she didn’t like that option, and because we would’ve kept going around in circles, I had advised her of all her options, and couldn’t transfer her anywhere like she wanted, so i disconnected the call. As it turns out, she emailed management, and they requested the recording of the call, and then a week later, I was let go. What upsets me the most is that my friend actually knew I was being fired before I knew. I’m assuming a supervisor had told an agent, who then told her, and this was even before I walked in the damn door!! The SBU manager asked that I not advertise to the floor that I’d been terminated, however, it already had been! Obviously, there’s some confidentiality issues, which I plan on taking up with the HR department tomorrow!

They should’ve just made me supervisor, which my coworkers were surprised when I didn’t get it, because the bastard that was given the position isn’t good with people in general. He’s great on the phones because in the department I was in, sometimes you have to be stern if people aren’t listening to you, and basically point out these people are idiots for not having read their contract pages. He, in my mind, wasn’t a good choice…he is unstable, he’s called out numerous times because he said he was “emotionally drained” when his boyfriend, half his age, dumped him, and he’s come to work, on more than one occasion, intoxicated!!! I don’t believe he’s had any management or supervisory experience, he’s just been in call centers for years, yet, he’s only been at this one half of the time I have, and asks me questions about things!!! Just doesn’t make sense to me!!!! Oh well, I guess things happen for a reason, just waiting for this one to play out!!! I felt I was unfairly fired, people have done worst things, and have only been demoted back to the other department, and here it is, a good agent, loses their job because of one call!!! Apparently it trumps EVERYTHING GOOD that I’ve done for the company!!!!!!! I did email PRICELINE management with my side of the story, and haven’t heard back, not sure that I would anyhow, but not even a our decision remains the same response or anything. If I did have the job offered to me, I’d take it, only for the benefits, the pay wasn’t great, but seeing as I don’t have a job now, I’ll need something to get me through. What’s interesting is the day after I was fired, my name was up (apparently the only qualifier that week) for an incentive game, and anyone who worked 2nd shift would get a differential of $0.50/hour, and I always worked 2nd shift!!!!! Just my luck!!! All I know is I have 2 weeks to find me a new job, I’ll keep ya posted!!!!!!! Wish me luck, keep me in your prayers!!!!!!

Seeing as I worked customer service for Priceline, here is your guide to getting out of the reservations, so long as the date of the reservation hasn’t passed:

Name Your Own Price Reservations (where PCLN chooses your itinerary):

  • Airline: If you don’t like your flight times, and just booked the flight, just claim you entered in the wrong name, and you’ll only be charged $7.45/ticket, and they’ll cancel it (so long as the airline is NOT Jet Blue, Spirit, ExpressJet, or Air Tran). If it’s been more than a day after you booked the reservation, you can claim miscarriage, or missing child. No documentation is required, and they’ll cancel it for you!
  • Hotel: If you call and say someone died, just say a family member died, and find a funeral home in the phone book and give the name and phone # of the funeral home, they’ll claim “upon verification, your reservation will be cancelled”, but they don’t verify any information, you’ll get a full refund.
  • Rental Car: Claim that you meant to book a one way reservation (picking up and dropping off in different locations) and they’ll issue full refund

Retail Reservations (where you choose your itinerary):

  • Airline: Unfortunately, if it’s been more than a day since you booked the reservation, your best bet is to call the airline (go by the first 3#’s of your ticket # to determine which to call should you have an itinerary with multiple airlines), because they are most likely the merchant, and PCLN will charge a service fee/ticket.
  • Hotel: If the reservation is prepaid, claim you entered the wrong date, you’ll only be charged $25/room to cancel. (With these reservations where you choose your hotel, you’ll always have a fee of at least $25 to cancel, no matter how far away your reservation is, but some cancellation policies aren’t cancellable at all)
  • Rental Car: These reservations are not prepaid, you should be able to cancel no problem

The other day, I heard on the radio how the Two Rivers Church wants to “purge” members from the church because they sued the church over the church not allowing them access to the financial records. Now, I’m wondering why the church, or any church for that matter, has any right to say who can and cannot worship GOD in their house of God! Isn’t God the one who graced everyone with all that they have? I, personally, wouldn’t return to a church if I were in that situation, I mean, just the tension from fellow congregation members would be enough to make me feel awkward, but from the pastor too…Not an ideal situation to me.

I, actually, was banned from a church (West Meade Fellowship) a few months ago, because apparently the choir director can’t take constructive criticism. All I said was the music seemed a little slower than I had remembered. Just some background, I had attended this church for awhile, but once the pastor resigned, and started up another church, I went there (he keeps me awake during the sermons, pretty important I think!) and returned to that church to see about some money the church owes me pertaining to a missions trip we were supposed to take. I reserved the rooms, we weren’t able to go, and the hotel charged my card still, even after I begged and pleaded for a refund. Well, the day after I went to church, I received an message from the main choir singer on my myspace:

I have a lot that I would like to say but I’m going to condense it for the sake of time. I was very disappointed to hear of your comments to Kathy yesterday. Whether you like or hate the music at West Meade really is immaterial, your comments were classless and evil. How can you call yourself a Christian, then sit through a sermon in God’s house plotting your revenge against another believer like that? For your own benefit, you should take a long look at yourself. As a result of your actions, if you ever return to West Meade for any reason other than to apologize to Kathy and/or to appropriately worship, you will immediately be escorted off the property. As for your request for reimbursement – YOU rented the room in YOUR name, which means YOU are responsible to cancel YOUR reservation. YOU failed to do so and the church is in no way responsible for YOUR negligence. If you disagree, please feel free to hire an attorney to further pursue the matter.
Kevin Mills

I, for one, only said the music was slow, I didn’t say it was down right horrible, but it just amazes me how some people react!!! I’m one who, and I understand now that some people may not be, would rather be told something is a little off. Maybe I don’t notice or realize something about myself or what I’m doing, so I’d appreciate some feedback, so long as it’s in a helpful tone. I felt I was trying to help, not out to be evil and mean spirited, I really do have the best of intentions, unfortunately the people involved missed the boat on that one!

I did apologize to the choir director, turns out she was just having a really horrible day, and apparently, in her emotional state, it just got to her. I understood, we all have those days, however, I don’t understand Mr. Mills’ comments. What’s funny is my friend says her 4-year-old daughter plays church better than half the people at West Meade, and I fully agree!!!! Not that all the people there are bad, don’t get me wrong, there are some good people, I just thought people would be the most understanding in a church environment!!!!

Church is supposed to be where we all come together to worship GOD, and regardless of what we do, if we repent our sins, He will forgive us. Just my 2 cents on church!

Oh, I do love my church now, it’s small, we’re growing, but we’re all there for the right reason, to get right with our awesome GOD!!!!