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Stink Pretties!!!!!

I have embarked on a new endeavor…one I enjoy, and have the ability to do pretty well with. I’m so excited to be a consultant for…Scentsy!!!

I believe it’s a company that makes such great products that everyone will enjoy…from wickless candles to perfumes, and they are very charitable! Last season, they supported Autism Speaks, and this season, it’s the Ronald McDonald Foundation. There are more than 80 scents to choose from, so everyone will find something they like. They are all unique and will make your home that much more inviting!!! If you’re a real estate agent, you NEED a warmer for your open houses…great smells tend to influence people in a positive way!!

It’s one of those things that you’ll never realize how much you would love it, until you own it.

Our wickless warmers are EXTREMELY SAFE, which makes them ideal for moms with small children…the wax doesn’t get much warmer than our own body temperature. The warmers are all equipped with a 15-25 watt lightbulb, depending on the size of the warmer. Because they are heated with just a lightbulb, they should be safe enough for someone living in the college dorms!! We even have over 65 college warmers in our campus collection. There are MANLY SCENTS, among others! If you are interested in learning more about Scentsy, please visit my website:


I didn’t join, initially, for the money at all…it’s just fun, and it’s a great conversation starter 🙂 It’s only $99 to join, so if you think it’s something you might be interested in, I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!! stinkpretties@gmail.com

Hotel Room Booking Tips

As a hotel reservationist, I’ve realized I have a love/hate relationship with people, mostly love, but sometimes hate.  It’s not nearly as bad as my Priceline days, but here are some tips to keep in mind when booking a reservation:

  • The hotels we represent DO NOT want you to call them directly to book a reservation, that’s why they’ve hired us and only put OUR NUMBER on the website!
  • If you are already looking online at rates for a hotel stay, please just save you and I the time it takes you to argue with me about rates, and JUST BOOK IT ONLINE! It’s the same price.
  • Call the hotel directly if you are trying to modify reservations…we don’t make any m0ney canceling or modifying reservations…that’s why we give you the hotel phone # when you make a reservation!
  • Please do your research online when it comes to checking rates. Again, we don’t make any money when you are just “checking rates”!
  • Please don’t get upset with us when we tell you the hotels’ offices are closed.  We don’t make the rules, nor do we have the powers to magically reopen them just for you!
  • If you don’t know how to google a hotel phone number, I’ll be happy to assist, but please do have pen and paper handy when calling.
  • 90% of the time, you need a credit card to reserve a room, so please ask us up front if one is required to reserve a room…saves everyone time.
  • When you have more than 2 adults in a room, the price will go up!  In some cases, it only takes more than one adult to increase the price.  Children 18 and up are no longer considered children either.
  • If you are trying to reserve a room for a holiday weekend, don’t be surprised when the prices are much higher, or if the hotel is sold out.  If you are booking for a holiday night, and there happens to be availability,  the night of, the price will still be high.

Just thought this could be of use to anyone looking to book hotel reservations over the phone.  I, as a reservations agent, would certainly appreciate any compliance 🙂

Thank you for reading my blog, and have a great day!

Paying kids to learn, what a great idea! I was watching this series on CNN, Black in America, and I’m intrigued! The whole thing’s great, but I thought this was a novel approach to motivate kids to learn.

They’re experimenting an incentive program in a handful of inner cities, and the one they were talking about would be based of 10 examinations they take throughout the school year, and they can earn up to $25 per test, allowing them to make as much as $250, which is HUGE for a 4th grader (the class they’re using). Some people are opposed to it, however, it makes sense! Isn’t the real world based on you applying yourself to your job, which results in more income, of which you are tested in so many ways. I think it’s great, especially, because these kids could use the money for their families, or college, and they can feel great about having earned it, plus the competitive sides will come out, and that would motivate kids as well. I just wish I’d had this as a kid, I may have applied myself more, and be in a lot better place now, not that I’m in a bad place now, just not a great place, but I just wonder why it took so long for someone to implement the idea.


I’m all for unique baby names, HOWEVER, Sunday is not what you name your child!!!! Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban had a baby girl, and decided to name her after a day of the week!!!! The only other child named after a weekday was from the Adams Family!!!!! And when she gets older, she’s going to be asked if she was born on a Sunday, and she’ll have to say nope, on a Monday!!! People are going to look at her like she’s silly, she’ll be Sunday Urban when she shortens it…just sounds silly!!!! Now, I used to have a one way love affair with Keith, but when he married her, he changed, and I lost interest, but I thought he at least had the common sense to name his child a “normal” name! Even the people on the news said it’s a pretty name, but do they say Sunday is a pretty name for a day of the week….noooooo!!!!! Just a dumb name for a child!!!! And then later on, she’ll think she’s being cheeky, and change it to Sundae LOL, something a stripper would name themselves!!!! Why can’t celebrities name their children things other than Audio Science and Apple?? There’s a difference between unique and sticking out like a sour thumb!!!!!

This past week, I was going through old stuff I had from my mom’s house, and I came across this picture:

It just reminded me of what a snot-nosed kid I was growing up, and that, if you asked my mother, she would tell you, it hasn’t changed much!!!! I was probably 10 or 11 in this picture, but what a lovely child I was!!!

Then, I came across a book of my work in the first grade, and in there, was this picture:

It made me realize I was just as random, then, as I am now, I apparently, wanted to be an oreo!!!! So, if I tend to be random, it’s just always been the way I am!!!! I also either wanted a bike, or wanted to be a bike, the jury’s still out on that one ! I just found it amusing going through my old stuff, my friend, Sarah, kept making fun of the fact I left of the e’s in most of my words…I was only 7! Then we found a story about a substitute teacher, and I wrote SOB instead of SUB, and she couldn’t get over that I was such a snot back then!!