I’m all for unique baby names, HOWEVER, Sunday is not what you name your child!!!! Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban had a baby girl, and decided to name her after a day of the week!!!! The only other child named after a weekday was from the Adams Family!!!!! And when she gets older, she’s going to be asked if she was born on a Sunday, and she’ll have to say nope, on a Monday!!! People are going to look at her like she’s silly, she’ll be Sunday Urban when she shortens it…just sounds silly!!!! Now, I used to have a one way love affair with Keith, but when he married her, he changed, and I lost interest, but I thought he at least had the common sense to name his child a “normal” name! Even the people on the news said it’s a pretty name, but do they say Sunday is a pretty name for a day of the week….noooooo!!!!! Just a dumb name for a child!!!! And then later on, she’ll think she’s being cheeky, and change it to Sundae LOL, something a stripper would name themselves!!!! Why can’t celebrities name their children things other than Audio Science and Apple?? There’s a difference between unique and sticking out like a sour thumb!!!!!