This past week, I was going through old stuff I had from my mom’s house, and I came across this picture:

It just reminded me of what a snot-nosed kid I was growing up, and that, if you asked my mother, she would tell you, it hasn’t changed much!!!! I was probably 10 or 11 in this picture, but what a lovely child I was!!!

Then, I came across a book of my work in the first grade, and in there, was this picture:

It made me realize I was just as random, then, as I am now, I apparently, wanted to be an oreo!!!! So, if I tend to be random, it’s just always been the way I am!!!! I also either wanted a bike, or wanted to be a bike, the jury’s still out on that one ! I just found it amusing going through my old stuff, my friend, Sarah, kept making fun of the fact I left of the e’s in most of my words…I was only 7! Then we found a story about a substitute teacher, and I wrote SOB instead of SUB, and she couldn’t get over that I was such a snot back then!!