Paying kids to learn, what a great idea! I was watching this series on CNN, Black in America, and I’m intrigued! The whole thing’s great, but I thought this was a novel approach to motivate kids to learn.

They’re experimenting an incentive program in a handful of inner cities, and the one they were talking about would be based of 10 examinations they take throughout the school year, and they can earn up to $25 per test, allowing them to make as much as $250, which is HUGE for a 4th grader (the class they’re using). Some people are opposed to it, however, it makes sense! Isn’t the real world based on you applying yourself to your job, which results in more income, of which you are tested in so many ways. I think it’s great, especially, because these kids could use the money for their families, or college, and they can feel great about having earned it, plus the competitive sides will come out, and that would motivate kids as well. I just wish I’d had this as a kid, I may have applied myself more, and be in a lot better place now, not that I’m in a bad place now, just not a great place, but I just wonder why it took so long for someone to implement the idea.