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Stink Pretties!!!!!

I have embarked on a new endeavor…one I enjoy, and have the ability to do pretty well with. I’m so excited to be a consultant for…Scentsy!!!

I believe it’s a company that makes such great products that everyone will enjoy…from wickless candles to perfumes, and they are very charitable! Last season, they supported Autism Speaks, and this season, it’s the Ronald McDonald Foundation. There are more than 80 scents to choose from, so everyone will find something they like. They are all unique and will make your home that much more inviting!!! If you’re a real estate agent, you NEED a warmer for your open houses…great smells tend to influence people in a positive way!!

It’s one of those things that you’ll never realize how much you would love it, until you own it.

Our wickless warmers are EXTREMELY SAFE, which makes them ideal for moms with small children…the wax doesn’t get much warmer than our own body temperature. The warmers are all equipped with a 15-25 watt lightbulb, depending on the size of the warmer. Because they are heated with just a lightbulb, they should be safe enough for someone living in the college dorms!! We even have over 65 college warmers in our campus collection. There are MANLY SCENTS, among others! If you are interested in learning more about Scentsy, please visit my website:


I didn’t join, initially, for the money at all…it’s just fun, and it’s a great conversation starter 🙂 It’s only $99 to join, so if you think it’s something you might be interested in, I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!! stinkpretties@gmail.com

Feminine Hygiene Gone Lethal!

I was flipping through infommercials last night, and had never seen one for tasers!  I never even would’ve thought anyone could own them, I just figured they were for law enforcement only!  Guess I was wrong, and you can even get them in girly colors, like the one below:

They actually seem like a good idea, it’s not a handgun that could kill someone, especially if you are startled and just shoot out of fear, but it will stop someone in their tracks and give you a chance to get away.  If they weren’t running in the $300 range, at least this pretty pink one is, I think I would get one, you never know when it may come in hand.  They even come in tampon shaped ones!

What do you think?  Would you own one?