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Better Late Than Never

I know it seems like forever since my last posting, so it’s always better to follow me on Twitter because I don’t always have the time to update my blog, and it’s not going to get any easier for me to post anytime soon.   Since my last post, Christmas, my 27th birthday, and, now, Easter has come and gone.   Also, I got TWO jobs since Christmas, and am almost done with training in my most recent job, which I’m oh so excited about!

The first job was working for a kitchenware company that tries to get people to attend, or host in their home, an event where they can sell their cookware and stuff.  My job was calling (a lot of times cold calling) people and “pitching” the event to them.  The problem was the pitch seemed all too good to be true.  And this is how they and all their competitors did things too (which I never would’ve thought there’d be that many companies doing the same type of thing).  And, of course, we are giving them a 3 day/2 night all inclusive accommodation package, of which we tell them there are no strings really, but, if I were called, I’d hang up on me too!  Nothing is for free anymore, and, really, we wanted you to spend the big bucks on their UBER expensive stuff.  For instance, I happened to see a 2007 price chart, and a cookie sheet was $85!!!!!  Who knows what it is now, but that better be gold-plated…and self-cleaning!  The hardest part of the job, for me, was trying to pitch to people, and getting shot down constantly.  I’ve never been much of a sales person, so I’m not good and overcoming objections.  I needed to make the appointments, AND for the people to show up to receive a bonus (which wasn’t all that much to begin with, on top of my minimum wage base pay), so I was quite often discouraged, which I’m sure didn’t help the situation.  I had to drive 30 miles each way to Smyrna, so the drive was just another reason I hated the job.  I originally took the job because I was told most agents make 4 appointments an hour, and about half of them show up, so it could be quite profitable.  I was also told the people we’d be calling had already shown interest in the company, but I quickly learned that’s not the case, either!  A lot of people we called just attended a bridal show, and had signed up for something at the door, and we bought the list.  I made some appointments this way, but I wonder, on average, how many of the people off the lists we buy actually show up to the events…not many, I’m guessing.  I met some cool girls that I worked with, but other than that, it just wasn’t the job for me.

Then, I went and interviewed for a company as a Reservationist, and I was offered the job on the spot!  I was ecstatic!  The only cons of the job are that it’s all the way in Hendersonville, and it’s not the pay range I’d like, but they do offer overtime quite a bit, so I definitely plan on taking advantage of it when I can.  This job is definitely more up my alley, I love hotels and resorts, and people, so I’m excited for training to finish up and hit the floor taking calls.  this company appears to have low turnover, which is a great sign of a good company culture.  The break room is really nice as well, and it’s the nicest call center I’ve been in.  They give incentives for punctuality, which means I’ll be on time EVERY day!

My birthday was a lot of fun, we went to a Thai restaurant, the food was WONDERFUL!  Love me some Thai food!  Some of my bunco babes came, as well as some chicas from small group, and another friend.  Everyone, I think, had a great time.  We were going to go see “Dear John”, but we would’ve been too rushed.  Instead, we just went and hung out at Starbucks for a little while, and had great conversation.  It was a great birthday, but man, 27 sure seems a whole heck of a lot closer to 30 than 26!

In other great news, my dad has moved back to this side of the Atlantic, which means I will hopefully get to see him more often.  He’s living in Canada, not far from Niagara, and I’m happy he’s closer to home.

My mind has gone blank being so late at night, but I’ll try to write again soon!

Restaurant Review

I always like trying out new restaurants and finding the hole in the walls, and what not, so I thought I’d try the new restaurant, Lemongrass Thai and Sushi, and seeing as I’ve lived in Thailand, I think I know authentic food.

Lemongrass Thai and Sushi – Hwy 70 & OHB, behind McDonald’s

Atmosphere – looked very posh compared to the buffet style Chinese restaurant it used to be, the tables were lined up nicely, looked very clean. I only went in for a to-go order, but it appeared they had a station where you can have them cook your food the way you like it. Adequate lighting was nice too, and they had a 92 on their last inspection 😉

Service – Like I said, I was there for a to-go, but it appeared as if the staff was very attentive, they weren’t too busy when I went (at 9pm) but there were maybe half of the tables occupied.

Food – Now, I’ve lived in Thailand, so maybe I’m a little biased, but the food wasn’t too bad, I had the Chicken Phad Thai, and I guess I thought it could’ve used a little more spice and flavoring. I did talk briefly with the head guy there, at least he looked like the manager or owner, and asked him if it was authentic, and he said if it was really authentic, not many people would like it. My take on it is if you’re going to a Thai restaurant, you KNOW it’s gonna be spicy!!! I’m not even one who really likes the spicy foods, but if my nose isn’t running, it wasn’t spicy enough. I did also have spring rolls, and they were alright. They give you what they told me was plum sauce, but I don’t think I’ve ever had plum sauce, but it tasted like sweet and sour, just didn’t have the consistency of it. Overall, the food was pretty good, I think I’d go back, just need to tell them to put a little more spice on the phad thai. The prices weren’t too bad, my phad thai, which was a decent enough portion, was 11.95, and my spring rolls were 2.95. They do appear to have quite the selection of sushi, I’m not a fan of sushi, that I know of, but the sushi lover may be interested in giving this place a try. I would give the restaurant a 3.75 out of 5.

I did, at one point, attempt to start up a dining out group, where we’d meet up monthly, and try different restaurants around, and meet new people in the process, unfortunately, it failed, but if there is anyone interested in doing something like that, let me know, I would love to meet new people and try new things!