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A New Obsession

I get excited like it’s Christmas, it’s kinda sad, but it’s a good thing.


I have been turned onto it by a good friend, and just by watching her, I realized she was onto something, rather than just being a little geeky.  And the beauty of it is I get to try so many different brand name products, and I’ve gotten a bunch of free samples in the mail. I’ve even come to like Harris Teeter, which can be expensive, but not if you know what you’re doing!

I anxiously await the Sunday paper for coupons, and for my All You magazine to arrive in the mail.  I visit money saving blogs and stores’ websites to find out what’s on sale.  I’ve turned frugal, ya’ll!

My last trip to Harris Teeter yielded great results, especially because it was SUPER DOUBLES, where they double coupons up to $1.98!!!!  It doesn’t get much better than that…check out my shopping trip, and I’m curious how much you think I spent.

Here’s a rundown of all I got:

Butterball turkey bacon

Green Giant Veggies (5 cans)

Nestle Toll House cookie dough

Success Boil in Bag Rice (2 boxes)

Balance Bar (2)

Zone bar

Barber Foods stuffed chicken breast (bought @ Publix)

Febreeze Air freshener

Glade winter collection sprays (3)

Pert shampoo/conditioner

Got2B hair lotion

Cottonelle moist wipes

Bic lighter

People magazine

Trident Layers (2)

So, what’s your guess?

Shopping via the Television

I’m outing myself…as a QVC SHOPPER!!!!!

I can hear the gasps now!!

Yes, you read right, I like shopping on QVC!  QVC, you’d think, is usually for the homebound or the elderly, but I, yes I, LIKE it! Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!  It’s not as bad as you think!

I got hooked, one winter, when I had a cast on my foot, and couldn’t go shopping for Christmas presents.  My grandmother ALWAYS buys our gifts from QVC, and if she could have bought her house off of there, she would have, so I figured it’s gotta be an alright thing to use.   If you look close at her TV, you’ll see the imprint of QVC’s phone number in her TV, she watches it so much!

I’ve bought purses (The Sak is my fav), make-up (Smashbox has the BEST eye liner, and Bare Escentuals has a special place in my heart), sheets (Northern Nights high thread count sheets ROCK), jewelry, and even perfume (LOVE LOVE LOVE Philosophy’s Falling in Love).    Perfume and Make-up are the last things you would think you’d buy from television, HOWEVER, it usually is cheaper, and if you don’t like it, you can send it back, and they’ll refund your money, including shipping and handling, well, last time I checked, it was.  I once returned a pair of boots, that were really cute, but should’ve known my “grossly abnormal” feet wouldn’t fit!  I LOVE watching their make-up shows, you always learn new tips and techniques, and you’re able to see how a, say, lipstick color would look on different skin tones.  So there you have it!  My confession for today!

Your turn…

Out yourself, what’s one of your confessions, that you may not tell everyone you meet?

Who Would Want This?????

I was shopping around ebay for charms for my charm bracelet, and came across this charm…now who in their right mind would want to have a noose as jewelry?????? Just shocked me, it says it’s a Gold Noose Charm Hangman Rope, but just seems quite offensive to some people! Last time I checked, I didn’t know of any cut-throat hangman competitions! Just thought I’d share that, and yeah, I know I shouldn’t be shopping!!!!