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Burning Water

Most, if not all, would agree with me when I tell you I cannot cook. I really do try, I just am not all that domestic.  I seriously have a 6 ingredient maximum for any recipe, which includes salt and pepper (and count as 2/6 of the recipe).  I found a recipe on another blogger’s website and thought I’d give it a whirl…just throw some chicken and a few ingredients in a crockpot and let it go!  Oh. I let it go alright…like 2 hours longer than I was supposed to (accidentally napped for far too long), so the chicken was a little dry, and it just didn’t look or taste I thought it would!  WHO screws up a flippin’ crockpot recipe??? I can’t even manage to make the packaged dough cookies look pretty when they come out…all turned into one big cookie (the pan was to blame, but you’d think I would have noticed the funky bend in the middle, of course not).

I would love to be able to cook more than macaroni and cheese and Knorr side dishes (you just add milk and water…haven’t managed to screw them up yet), but I’m really a lost cause!  The only other thing I can do well is sauerkraut and polish suasage (4 ingredients), so I really hope my future hubby doesn’t mind it every other day, or he’ll have to take up the cooking.

Oh, and there is my sausage dip.  It’s 3 ingredients, and everyone loves it (non vegetarians, that is).  If you’ve noticed, I either bring that or buy something if I have to bring something.  Last time I tried to be different, it just didn’t work out.  I tried making salsa rolls…slather cream cheese on tortillas and put salsa, and roll up.  I got that part down.  Then, cut. This is where it went downhill.  It looked AWFUL, and was embarrassing, but I didn’t have anything else to take.  I told everyone it tastes better than it looks, but I’m sure people thought otherwise.  I can make Thai fried rice, but it’s not consistent…some days it’sbetter than others.  There’s a pork dish I’ve made. I saw it on Food Network, and the fact that kids were helping Giada cook it was the only thing that gave me hope…and it turned out good, but it’s rare if I make
it. There’s a slight glimmer of hope for me in the kitchen, I guess, but I feel like I should be so much better.  My mother and her mother are fabulous cooks. Guess I got my dad’s genes in that area 😦  My little brother even cooks better than I do!

Any tips you can offer me?  If you think your kids could do it, then that’s my kind of recipe!

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