Well, I must say I’m pretty sure I had the most interesting Thanksgiving! How many of you can say their holiday involved flashing, displaced dentures, and overactive bladders!  What can be better than that…ANYTHING!!!!

I’m learning that not everyone is like me, and feels that bathroom breaks should be kept to a minimal during road trips.  I can’t stand having to stop constantly, especially on a 4 hour car ride!  We must’ve stopped 4 times on the way there, and three times on the way back…INSANE!!!!  When describing my situation to a friend, she says I’m more of a destination person, rather than a journey person…YUP!

Once in Woodlawn, I realize how small the town is when Sarah can point out where half of her teachers lived, and when the majority of out-of-towners are truckers!  We were at a truck stop (in Mt. Vernon, which is the big city compared to Woodlawn) where I was chatting with one of the cashiers, and she’d said she knew people from Woodlawn.  Sarah started asking who she knew, and they started rattling off names, and I can’t say I’ve ever been in such a small setting…not even while living in the small expat community we had in Thailand!

Thanksgiving dinner was good, it wasn’t quite what I was used to, but it was still good.  I tried Heavenly Hash, never had it, didn’t care for it much, but it was alright.  I have always loved mashed potatoes and gravy, and luckily, it’s one dish people can’t easily screw up :).  After thanksgiving, Sarah’s dad took falling asleep in front of the TV to the extreme:

ohd7-4b8509306e580f79857544f244de7c40493413f9Mind you, the TV wasn’t even on!  The TV they have doesn’t even work well, it starts out with a line horizontally across the screen, and with a good beating, the picture will enlarge.  Watching him beat the TV was FUNNY!  He probably spent a good hour and a half one night! I don’t think anyone even cared to watch the DVD of whatever musical it was…we ended up seeking refuge from her family by going to the “crazy lady’s” house.  That ought to tell you something!

Our quick drive to St. Louis on Thanksgiving…Did I mention there was nothing to do in Woodlawn, IL?!?!?!?!

We also did a drive-thru of Metropolis, Illinois, to see Superman on our way home!

I don’t know why this is a video, it’s the last time I give my camera to a man!

This was taken at the gas station in Metropolis, and if you notice, Sarah’s a little short:


Because we felt it would take all three of us to remember everything, we made a lovely little video clip for you explaining the weekend.  I usually wear make-up, but there wasn’t anyone to impress out in the country.