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Have A Laugh!

Last week, I saw Tim Parsons, from the Big Bang Theory, on Craig Ferguson, and thought he was a hoot!  Although, I was suprised to hear his personality isn’t quite as different from his character on the show as I would’ve thought!  Either way, I was cracking up! 



How To Irritate Your Roommate 111

Well, if you’ve missed my previous posts about my horrible roommate, or former roommate, at this point, you can read them here, here, and here!  We are moving on to:

111 – Move out, and don’t clean up after yourself!!

Hannah has now moved out, turns out Rachel pretty much has, as well.  Hannah, however, moved all her stuff out, temporarily made the front of our apartment look like it was the junk left over from a rummage sale, but failed to leave her room in the condition she received it in!  I went into her room, OBVIOUSLY no vacuum had seen that floor, probably, since we’d moved in!  There was some trash left, and I don’t want to get in trouble for it!  She then told me I could keep whatever she left as far as food, which, then also leaves me to clean out the fridge, of which is ONLY a mess because she spilled kool-aid all over it!  She only left me a jar of pickles, a couple cans of sprite and other crap i won’t touch.  Then, as I was going through the downstairs closet, she left her Christmas tree holder, and other crap I don’t want to and shouldn’t have to take care of!!!!  I’m not a happy camper!

In Other News:

My apartment now looks like someone robbed it, but left the good couch, a chair (both of which are Rachel’s, she hasn’t called me back to let me know when she’s coming to get those), and a TV on top of a coffee table.  REALLY pitiful!  And I don’t have one fork in the house, I have 140 spoons, but NO FORKS!!!!  I had a blond moment and apparently bought 2 boxes of spoons, thinking it was a combination of forks, spoons and knives.  Ramen noodles aren’t easy to heat with spoons, unless you crunch them up very finely, still a pain!!!  I haven’t figured out a place to live yet, so I’m stressing out about that, and the job thing!  I tried calling for unemployment, but they love to hang up on you, the recording says there may be high call volume, when I’m calling right as they open, and then says they can’t take my call!!!  I called 5 times today!!!  I’m just a little stressed at the moment!!!

I Just Don’t Understand Why

Have you seen the show Moment of Truth on Fox???? It’s a show where people are asked a series of questions w/ a lie detector, and then (knowing what questions they may be asked) go on national TV to answer them, and if they answer the question, and they can win up to $500,000. But is it worth it to strain relationships with your friends and loved ones, to say the least???

Sadly, this show has caused some separations and, inevitably, divorces! What kills me is they KNOW beforehand what will be asked, and if you have quite the history of issues, whether be cheating on significant others or stealing, probably not the best idea!!! This girl in this clip, from what I’d seen, got off easy on her questions! There’s one woman who is now deemed the most hated because of the show, but she went on the show on her own accord, and if it’s true, she has no one else to blame, but herself!!!