Have you seen the show Moment of Truth on Fox???? It’s a show where people are asked a series of questions w/ a lie detector, and then (knowing what questions they may be asked) go on national TV to answer them, and if they answer the question, and they can win up to $500,000. But is it worth it to strain relationships with your friends and loved ones, to say the least???

Sadly, this show has caused some separations and, inevitably, divorces! What kills me is they KNOW beforehand what will be asked, and if you have quite the history of issues, whether be cheating on significant others or stealing, probably not the best idea!!! This girl in this clip, from what I’d seen, got off easy on her questions! There’s one woman who is now deemed the most hated because of the show, but she went on the show on her own accord, and if it’s true, she has no one else to blame, but herself!!!