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I’m On Probation

…with my roommate!  I just moved in here on the 19th, and yesterday, she tells me “I don’t think it’s gonna work out.”  Sadly, that wasn’t the first time I’d heard that one, but NEVER from a roommate!  She says this because of different schedules and she says she didn’t get but two nights of good sleep all week, and that she could hear when I came in at night (she needs decent earplugs, I am not loud coming in)

  1. Sunday night (first weeknight since I moved in):  I was on the phone with someone and she did have to come in twice saying she could hear everything through her earplugs.  The second time, I really thought I was quiet enough. She was back in bed by 11:30pm, I didn’t see it as that big of a deal, but would be more aware the next time
  2. Tuesday night: I came home late (around 2am) and she locked the top lock on the door, and I couldn’t get in the door.  I fooled with this lock for 20 minutes, waking her up was my LAST resort.  I tried to get in through the patio door…NOTHING worked.  I knocked the first time, and no response, the 2nd time, she came and got the door, and said you just have to fool with it.  The next day, she came home and said she tried to get it to work with my key, and it didn’t.  I also apologized for having to wake her up.  Not my fault, except I guess I could’ve been home earlier.
  3. Thursday night: I did get home late, was hanging out with The Mix for game night, and then went to Waffle house afterwards, and got into reading my book, THE SHACK, which I’m really liking.  I did turn on the radio, HOWEVER, it wasn’t loud (really, it wasn’t) and it took her a good half an hour to come in, of which, she just opened the door, and I wasn’t dressed (not cool!), but I’ll forgive that, she was probably blind without her contacts or glasses anyway.

I then went and talked to my mom and she told me to see about negotiating with her.  I thought about it and figured it was certainly worth a try, I can’t afford to move again, nor do I want to have to stress about finding a decent place to live again.  I then went in and asked her if I could stay if I came in by a certain time, and turned off all noise, if that would be an option.  She said she would think about it.  Today, she said we’ll do a trial run, until the middle of October, and see how it works out.  I agreed, and told her I appreciated a 2nd chance.  I also explained to her that, until I start working again, my schedule is off, but I’d be willing to go by her’s, and turn off all noise (which reminds me, I need to look for some cordless headphones, if there is such a thing).  The rent is so cheap, I’ll almost walk her dog just to stay (ALMOST, let’s not get crazy now!).  So, I have a curfew now, let’s hope she doesn’t find another reason to give me the boot!  My friend, Victor, said I shouldn’t have to negotiate, because I do pay, but it IS her condo, and I didn’t sign a lease.

On another note, do you think I have too many roommate issues, that I have a WHOLE category assigned to roommates?

Here Come the Sassy Singles!!!!

My friend, Sarah, and I are going to try this radio show thing, blogtalkradio allows you to host your own radio show for free, so why not??? It allows you to host your own show, have up to 5 callers, and have a little chat going at the same time! Sarah’s been wanting to do radio for a long time, and we joked around about how it would be fun to have our own show, so we’re giving it a go! Our first show is Saturday @ 2pm, so we hope you’ll listen!!!!! Click the icon below to be taken to the broadcast (August 2nd @ 2pm CT). We’ll talk about whatever is on our mind, so you can call in and we’ll just share stories, advice and have some laughs!!!

Listen to Sassy Singles on internet talk radio

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August 1 is . . . . . Friendship Day and National Raspberry Cream Pie Day (My mother’s birthday too!)

August 2 is . . . . . National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

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