I, just today, saw the condensed version of the “Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch, who has become famous by his words of wisdom. He has it figured out! He says 10% of your life is black, 10% is white, and 80% is gray, and WE have the ability to change the gray to white or black, depending on our attitude. He has a point about brick walls, that they are put there to show us how much we really want something. When you think about it, the people who are great at what they do often hit many brick walls along the way, and had they not hit them, they wouldn’t be as great as they are. He says we should live with integrity, and tell the truth. He explains a good apology has 3 parts: “I’m sorry”, admittance of fault, and asking how to make it right. Another great lesson is that gratitude is simple, but powerful. If you know you are appreciated, you’ll continue to work hard. The only jobs I have liked were ones where I was appreciated, and knew I made a difference. I just was inspired by what he said, he said if you live your life properly, karma will take care of you, and to hear this from a dying man, who chooses to live each day and each moment so positively is incredible! He was asked what, if anything, he’d want to tell his daughter, when she gets older, was that she can’t date until she’s 30, and to ignore what the guys say, and watch what they do, and she can avoid a lot of mistakes in the future. I think that applies for everyone, in general, actions do speak louder than words. My goal is to make my life 90% white!!!!