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A Good Visitor

I found this woman’s blog, and she had, what I thought was, a GREAT idea…The Good Visitor poster.

Here is the one I made up, having used her approach, I just tweeked it a bit (I can’t seem to post the actual document properly, but this is what it would say):


When a good visitor comes to my home, I am grateful

A good visitor blesses me with…

  • True friendship
  • Quality conversation
  • Appreciation for my company
  • Acceptance of my hospitality and gifts
  • A good visitor cleans up after themselves

The only thing a good visitor leaves behind is happiness,

and for that, I am truly thankful


I’m just sick of my friends (not all, but a couple) coming over and just leaving a mess, so rather than me having to get after them, I figured this would be a nice subtle reminder. I’d put it in a little frame, and put it near the door, so you can’t miss it when you walk in! What do you think??? Do you think it’d be a good reminder???

If I Could Live Anywhere…

It would have to be Australia. This guy, whom I found wandering around wordpress, posted some beautiful pictures of Sydney here and here, and it just made me fall in love with the thought of living in Australia all over again!! I’d visited Cairns, Port Douglas, and spent a night in Sydney, and LOVED that trip! I, especially, like the fact that English is the primary language, so no language barrier, and the people seem to be a lot more laid back, and tolerant of differences. After living overseas, I’ve become very tolerant of people and their differences, whether they be cultural, racial, or what their sexual preference is. Plus, who doesn’t love an Aussie accent???? With my degree, there are plenty of resorts there, that I could work at/manage, and the whole reason I went into hospitality management was to be able to travel. I just need to find me an Aussie man, and I’m good to go! 😉

If you could live ANYWHERE, where would you want to live?????