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Black Box

This would allow us to prove what kind of drivers we really are!  I’m a good one, so I’m not really that worried.  They now would like to install black boxes for our automobiles, which I think is a FANTASTIC idea!  If there’s an accident, and a cop wasn’t there to witness it, and doesn’t know who’s at fault (been there before), he can look at the footage, and determine who is to blame.  This can determine whether a seat belt was worn, speed, and whether breaks were used.  I truly believe I’m one of the better drivers in the state of Tennessee, so rest assured should you see a white equinox with a Ferris State Alumni sticker in the back window…I’m a WONDERFUL driver!  They did state it would be only court ordered or by driver’s permission that it can be viewed.

What do you think, would you want one of these in your car?

Nothing like making something WAY more difficult than it has to be!!!! With this funky contraption, they were on the Today and Jimmy Kimmell shows, which is very cool for FSU!!!!!!!