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Driving Pet Peeves

As I have proclaimed in previous posts, I truly beileve I’m one of the best drivers in the state of Tennessee, which if you live here, it really doesn’t take much.  I almost wish I’d realized how horrible drivers are down here prior to my move here 2.5 years ago, because I really think it may have changed things.  My biggest pet peeves while driving include, but are most likely not limited to:

  • broken brake lights – just don’t drive if they’re out, it’s dangerous!
  • failure to use a turn signal!  Seriously, it doesn’t take much to hit the lever!
  • flashing your brights at me, as if mine are on, when, clearly, mine aren’t on! Sorry if I have a newer car, where I can actually see where I’m going (without the brights on) in the dark.  In Michigan, flashing your brights is illegal, why not here?????
  • Drive at least the speed limit if there are cars behind you, and can’t pass you!
  • If you are in the passing lane on the expressway, PASS people!!!!!

I will admit I have some road rage, and when I say some, I’m not quite telling the whole truth!  I don’t act out on my road rage, but my windows have to be up when I drive, and children are not allowed to ride with me, for fear they will learn new words!  Northerners are agressive drivers, and we don’t like putzers…So quit putzin’!!!!

Do you have road rage???  Did I miss any pet peeves you may have?

Drivers, UGH!!

Why, oh Why, is there always at least one female driver that makes the rest of us look bad????  Just today, I see a lady who doesn’t use her blinkers, swerviing, SHOCKINGLY has both hands on the wheel, but apparently didn’t pay much attention in driver’s ed!!!!  I, for one, am a GREAT driver, may have something to do with having learned to drive in Michigan, but weather it be parking a car, or trying to multi task while driving, we get a bad rap!!!!  Even I have begun thinking females, in general, are bad drivers!!  So, please quit trying to multi-task (talking on the phone, curling you eye lashes, or applying lip gloss all at once), and PAY ATTENTION to the road!!  And MEN, you’re not getting off here, either!!  Do you really think that cell phone call is more important than the other people on the road, or yourself????  You guys sit there and putz, not paying attention when switching lanes, OR you are in such a hurry, you have to tail th people in front of you!!  EVERYONE needs to SLOW DOWN and PAY ATTENTION!!!  Oh, and USE YOUR FLIPPIN’ BLINKERS!!!!!  The road would be a MUCH safer place if we all did!!!