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I’m Baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!

I just got my computer back today…HIP HIP HOORAY!  Although I lost ALL of my files, I’m kinda happy I get to start over fresh with a new hard drive, so I’m slowly reloading all my junk back on, and I’m wondering where I found all the time to load it in the first place, this is taking FOREVER!  Geek Squad took their sweet time to do the job, but I suppose 8 days isn’t that bad.  Really, they had to replace the hard drive, reload XP on there, and that was it!  I’m shocked they said there were some people who had been waiting weeks, and I’m wondering why they aren’t able to fill the demand, even with contracted employees to help when it got busy.  They apparently are really strict on the employees to not work overtime as well, which holds things up too!  Plus, whenever I had to call in, I’d be lucky if someone from Geek Squad would answer, it’d usually ring so much, a Best Buy employee would answer it, and the one time, they said there’s only one person at the counter, and there’s customers in front of them.  It just seemed like they could’ve done a MUCH better job, I’m not saying I’m the best at customer service, but I know what you do and DON’T do!  Answer the phone, and at least put the customer on hold, so then they know they’re not being ignored!  Sorry for my rant, but certain things just bug me when it comes to the way customers get treated.

And So The Search Continues…

We are now 5 months into the job search, and I’ve been in panic mode for the last 3 of them!  Now, I’m in the freak out stage, where my dad is telling me he can’t keep supporting me, and I still haven’t had any nibbles!  My bank account overdrew, he was supposed to put money in, yet it never made its way in.  Last week, I was dealing with the whole moving fiasco, and as soon as I was back online, I must have sent out 20 resumes and cover letters, and not one phone call!  I’m just so irritated and ready to throw in the towel, with nowhere to turn.  The ony thing is I don’t have anywhere to go.  Michigan isn’t an option, they’ve got higher unemployment rates than Tennesee, and as for living with my mother, NO THANKS!  With the whole country having issues, I feel stuck.  And what kills me is my little brother, 20, who is going to school and working full time, is making more money than I’ve ever made!  He had to drop out of college because of his “depression” and has screwed up way more than me, yet things are going well for him!  I just don’t get it, why am I still going around this mountain??????  I haven’t had an interview in over a week, and I’m assumming I didn’t get that one since I never heard back.  The one the week before that, they said they’d certainly let me know EITHER WAY, and NOTHING!!!!!!  If anyone hears of anybody hiring, where it wouldn’t require me to be on my feet all day, let me know, I have a Bachelor’s Degree and can do anything administrative, and have fantastic customer service skills!