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Who Would WANT to Get Married Nowadays???

Oprah had a show, today, about men cheating, which was enlightening, yet, somewhat sad.  They had several couples who were surprisingly open about the affairs they had and why. 

  • They said they felt underappreciated with the lack of affection and attention. 
  • VERY rarely was it that a man would cheat with someone better looking than their spouse, but they gave them the attention and made them feel appreciated. 
  • Men are emotional beings, despite what many women think, it’s just they are not as expressive as women. 
  • The startling statistic is 1 in 3 men cheat in their marriage! 
  • VERY few ever admit to the cheating, MOST women will NEVER know!
That was just a little of what was said, M. Gary Neuman, who was on the show, wrote a book called Truth About Cheating.  You can go to Oprah’s website and download the book for free for a limited time, I did.  It just makes me wonder if I want to get married.  That’s a LOT to deal with, can men really be trusted??  I know I shouldn’t base my life on statistics, but between these statistics and the divorce rates, I’m really rethinking whether I EVER want to get married down the road.  I’ve met some men that you would NEVER have thought they could do anything wrong, upstanding citizens, leaders in their church and community, and it’s just very shocking to find out they aren’t the most faithful.
I did do some research, and looked up about women cheating, and it appears 1 in 5 have had a fling during their marriage, so that’s not that good either, but, in my opinion, in general, women have more self control, but if they do cheat, it’s for the same reasons.
Do these statistics shock you???  What do you think???

Bogus Law

Have you ever heard of the alienation of affection law??????  It exists in Hawaii, Illinois, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Dakota, and Utah, other states (like Tennessee) have been smart enough to abolish the law, however, it is ridiculous!  Apparently, should your spouse decide to cheat on you, you can sue the other person!  One woman on the Dr. Phil show didn’t even know the man was married, he’d lied and told her he was going through a divorce, like she was, but apparently he still was living with his wife!  The poor “other woman” just gave up and settled, even though she didn’t live in one of the 7 states, the man and his wife did.  It just doesn’t make any sense to blame “the other woman” because they may know they’re married, and I’m not condoning it, but shouldn’t the spouse pay???????  It’s not as if the other person forces them to stay with them, and alienate their spouse.  I just find it silly, if your spouse isn’t happy, they were going to cheat regardless, doesn’t matter the person they’re doing it with really!  Maybe the ones who bring about these suits need to take a good look at themselves and their marriage, and figure out why their spouse isn’t happy, and BLAME THEM!!!!!  I would think lawyers would see it as frivolous, however, a lot of them (not all) are just money hungry anyhow!! Sorry, just my two cents, plus even if you have been lied to by a man, who happens to be a cheating spouse (not a far fetch considering their circumstances obviously), there’s still a chance you can be sued!!!!

I Just Don’t Understand Why

Have you seen the show Moment of Truth on Fox???? It’s a show where people are asked a series of questions w/ a lie detector, and then (knowing what questions they may be asked) go on national TV to answer them, and if they answer the question, and they can win up to $500,000. But is it worth it to strain relationships with your friends and loved ones, to say the least???

Sadly, this show has caused some separations and, inevitably, divorces! What kills me is they KNOW beforehand what will be asked, and if you have quite the history of issues, whether be cheating on significant others or stealing, probably not the best idea!!! This girl in this clip, from what I’d seen, got off easy on her questions! There’s one woman who is now deemed the most hated because of the show, but she went on the show on her own accord, and if it’s true, she has no one else to blame, but herself!!!