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Bringing You Up To Speed

Since the last time I blogged (seems like forever, really), I have moved out from living with “Joan Crawford“, and now reside with a gay couple (and their cat, let’s not forget the damn cat)!  They are 23 year-old guys, and not all that bad in relation to previous roommates.

Jeremy – The outgoing roommate, former marine, country boy, owns a ghost hunting company

Chris – AKA Sunshine, very quiet, acts like a child, walks around holding his game boy ALL the time

Winslett – The damn cat.  They couldn’t have picked a gayer name if they tried!

Mike – (36) Army dude who moved in with us temporarily, but has now turned into indefinitely. Unemployed, and vehicle doesn’t run. He dated Chris years ago, but only went out a couple of times because Chris played his game boy all through dinner!

Nick – (19) Mike’s boyfriend, who lives in Columbia.  Only had a part-time job. No vehicle

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Driving Pet Peeves

As I have proclaimed in previous posts, I truly beileve I’m one of the best drivers in the state of Tennessee, which if you live here, it really doesn’t take much.  I almost wish I’d realized how horrible drivers are down here prior to my move here 2.5 years ago, because I really think it may have changed things.  My biggest pet peeves while driving include, but are most likely not limited to:

  • broken brake lights – just don’t drive if they’re out, it’s dangerous!
  • failure to use a turn signal!  Seriously, it doesn’t take much to hit the lever!
  • flashing your brights at me, as if mine are on, when, clearly, mine aren’t on! Sorry if I have a newer car, where I can actually see where I’m going (without the brights on) in the dark.  In Michigan, flashing your brights is illegal, why not here?????
  • Drive at least the speed limit if there are cars behind you, and can’t pass you!
  • If you are in the passing lane on the expressway, PASS people!!!!!

I will admit I have some road rage, and when I say some, I’m not quite telling the whole truth!  I don’t act out on my road rage, but my windows have to be up when I drive, and children are not allowed to ride with me, for fear they will learn new words!  Northerners are agressive drivers, and we don’t like putzers…So quit putzin’!!!!

Do you have road rage???  Did I miss any pet peeves you may have?

Black Box

This would allow us to prove what kind of drivers we really are!  I’m a good one, so I’m not really that worried.  They now would like to install black boxes for our automobiles, which I think is a FANTASTIC idea!  If there’s an accident, and a cop wasn’t there to witness it, and doesn’t know who’s at fault (been there before), he can look at the footage, and determine who is to blame.  This can determine whether a seat belt was worn, speed, and whether breaks were used.  I truly believe I’m one of the better drivers in the state of Tennessee, so rest assured should you see a white equinox with a Ferris State Alumni sticker in the back window…I’m a WONDERFUL driver!  They did state it would be only court ordered or by driver’s permission that it can be viewed.

What do you think, would you want one of these in your car?

Need a Fridge??? Have a Baby!

Russians celebrate a day they call the Day of Conception, on September 12th, which encourages couples to conceive, and should it work, and they do indeed give birth to children on Russia’s National Day, June 12th, parents win cars, fridges and money! Read an article about it HERE

They get the day off work JUST to have sex!!!! CRAZY!!!! Glad they don’t have that day here, my roommate would take FULL advantage of that! *eye roll*