I was watching Regis and Kelly this morning, and they said there are names that are illegal in New Zealand to name your child. If you remember my post about Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s choice of baby names, I’m a fairly traditional girl, and think there’s a big difference between unique and strange!! A couple, in New Zealand, had tried to name their child “4real”, because when they saw the ultrasound, they realized it was “for real”, and now a judge has deemed it illegal because no names are allowed to start with a number, and because they ban any names that may be offensive, in order to “prevent too much imagination”!!! Other names in New Zealand that are illegal:

  • Fish and Chips
  • Yeah Detroit (Now the Michigander side of me would not be opposed to this one, but maybe lose the Yeah)
  • Keenan Got Lucy
  • Sex Fruit

I did some looking around, and you’d be surprised to know that the Germans regulate what you can name your child, saying it must be reflective of the gender of the child and not endanger the well being of the child (if they only regulated ALL celebrities, you know their children will be ridiculed, and probably scarred from it). All of the baby names must be approved by the German Office of Vital Statistics, and they rely on an international manual of first names, and if they still can’t decide, they may call on a foreign embassy for assistance. There apparently is a fee for registering a name, and should your name be rejected, you could appeal it, but if you lose that, you would be spending more to resubmit a name. They did reject the name “Huckleberry” because in Mark Twain’s novel, Huck was considered an outsider, but “Nemo” is supposedly an acceptable name! In Mexico, the government has tried regulating names, Lluvia (rain) and Azul (blue) have been deemed “improper” and they will only allow “common spellings” of names.

Here is a list of the 20 strangest celebrity baby names, they’re WAAAAY out there!

1. Audio Science. Parent: Shannyn Sossamon (she’s the actress from 40 Days and 40 Nights)

2. Blue Angel. Parent: The Edge (from U2)

3. God’iss Love Stone. Parent: Lil’ Mo

4. Heavenly Hiraana Tiger Lily. Parent: Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates.

5. Jermajesty. Parent: Jermaine Jackson

6. Kal-el. Parent: Nicholas Cage.
(Kat-el is Superman’s birthname).

7. Memphis Eve. Parent: Bono (U2)

8. Messiah Ya’majesty. Parent: T.I. (Atlanta Rapper)

9. Moxie Crimefighter. Parent: Penn Gillette

10. O’shea. Parent: Ice Cube

11. O’shun. Parent: Tamika Scott (Xscape)

O’shitt. (Sooner or later, some celeb will use this for an unplanned kid).

12. Peaches Honeyblossom. Parent: Bob Geldoff

13. Pilot Inspektor. Parent: Jason Lee
(Gee, how can I really mess up my child without doing anything illegal? GOT IT!)

14. Poppy Honey. Parent: Jamie Oliver.

15. Reign Beau. Parent: Ving Rhames.
(I would make a joke here but Ving Rhames is a big dude. Great names, sir).

16. Seven Sirius. Parents: Andre Benjamin (Andre 3000) and Erykah Badu

17. Sy’rai. Parent: Brandy (this one I don’t think is so bad, it means princess I think, and if this one’s up here, where’s Suri (Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes’ child)??

18. Starlite Melody. Parent: Marisa Berenson

19. Spec Wildhorse (son) Parent: John Cougar Mellencamp

20. Tu. Parent: Rob Morrow
(”It sure is cloudy today Daddy.” “Don’t worry. The sun will come out, Tu Morrow”).