Just random things about me you may be interested in knowing:

  • My parents originally wanted to name me Katie, however, Christina had a better ring with my middle name, Eba
  • I was born with a congenital hip disorder. That, or the doctor had to dislocate my hip during birth, but either way, it caused me to have to have a pin put in my hip, a few surgeries and full body casts, physical therapy (I had to learn to walk all over again before kindergarten) and a lot of pain.
  • I have been diagnosed with “grossly abnormal” feet! My feet are soooooo wide, I am doomed to tennis shoes FOREVER, and have such difficulty finding shoes anyhow, I wear Men’s 8.5 6E, certifiably wide ass shoes!!!! Unfortunately, my feet are prone to fractures, as a result of congenital hip disorder. I’ve had to have removable casts on both feet, at different times.
  • I tend to stick my foot in my mouth all too often. I have a knack for saying TOO MUCH!!!
  • I truly believe I HATE science and math because I didn’t grow up playing an instrument. I’ve always wanted to play the piano
  • I LOVE black olives, but HATE green olives!!!!
  • I cry when I get the hiccups!!! I always have, and the more I hold back, the more the tears come.
  • My first concert was in 1998, the Backstreet Boys. I was a HUGE fan, and thought Nick Carter and I would live happily ever after. After Paris Hilton, unfortunately, he’s damaged goods!!!
  • I once went to school with a head full of curlers.  It was a psychology experiment, exploring deviation from the norm.  We all had to do something outside of our comfort zones, and my grandmother came up with the idea.  The bus driver looked at me strangely, and the hall monitor said “I hate to tell ya, but I think you forgot to take out your curlers this morning.”  I just chuckled a little and went on with my day.  I wanted to see how people would react at Kroger, but my mother wouldn’t let me! 😦  I got an A on the assignment, which was most important.