Since the last time I blogged (seems like forever, really), I have moved out from living with “Joan Crawford“, and now reside with a gay couple (and their cat, let’s not forget the damn cat)!  They are 23 year-old guys, and not all that bad in relation to previous roommates.

Jeremy – The outgoing roommate, former marine, country boy, owns a ghost hunting company

Chris – AKA Sunshine, very quiet, acts like a child, walks around holding his game boy ALL the time

Winslett – The damn cat.  They couldn’t have picked a gayer name if they tried!

Mike – (36) Army dude who moved in with us temporarily, but has now turned into indefinitely. Unemployed, and vehicle doesn’t run. He dated Chris years ago, but only went out a couple of times because Chris played his game boy all through dinner!

Nick – (19) Mike’s boyfriend, who lives in Columbia.  Only had a part-time job. No vehicle

When I first moved in, there was a slight snag in the game plan…the former roommate had yet to move her things out of the room!  She’d told them she was planning on getting her stuff out that morning, but she never showed.  I slept on the roommate’s couch for the first few days, and after that, Jeremy kinda broke into her room, so I then had a bed.  I would’ve thought the bed was gonna be comfy, but it wasn’t.  Then, after we move my mattress in, I find out it was a select comfort bed, just wasn’t plugged in!  Just my luck!  After a month, Jeremy finally decided to move my stuff in, and her’s out.  Still staring at her stuff in our living room.  She sent me a message via myspace (mind you, I’ve never met the woman) telling me she hadn’t known someone was moving in until just a few days ago!  She’s supposedly been in the apartment twice since I moved in…she had to know!

“Joan Crawford” came and stalked me out at church the Sunday after I moved out.  She walked into Kidz World at church, in the baby room, and started asking me about money!  Amazing how the $100 deposit I gave her slipped her mind.  One of the male volunteers threw her out, telling her it wasn’t the time or place.  She then called me, later that day, saying I should’ve reminded her about my deposit, and then realized she’d acted a fool stalking me out, and started crying.  My friend, Katie, said she sounded like a crackhead LOL, but she said she wanted to be a punching bag for me and all those people that witnessed her craziness.  As much as I just wanted to forget about her, I did go back a week later, to get any mail, and ONLY because I was expecting money.  She opened the door and invited me in.  I just took one step in the apartment, and almost lost my lunch due to the AWFUL stench. The sad thing was it appears she’d already been doing some cleaning…with what, I dunno! I was even more upset to find out that my check was not in the mail I picked up from her.

The cat. I have a history with cats.  Don’t like ’em. This cat, however, is like a freakin’ dog, and wags its tail when it’s happy, and is an “attention whore”, as Jeremy puts it. I liked this cat, she liked me.  I accidentally left my window open, and she got out, but wasn’t gone for very long.  Chris then felt that I, of all people in the apartment, was a threat to the cat, and wouldn’t let her out of their room. See, a few weeks before this, the kitten, named Bear, that Chris brought home from work, had died in Jeremy’s care.   Jeremy, a couple days after I let her out,  left his window open, and let Winslett out.  She has yet to return. Jeremy, of course, didn’t want to get blamed for her disappearance, so he blamed the free loaders we have/had staying with us.  Now, on to the whole free-loader fiasco…

The first time I’d met Mike was a few days after I moved in, he’d borrowed Chris’ car to drive Nick back home, but managed to get pulled over, and arrested in the process. This, in turn, cost Jeremy his job (his suits were in Chris’ car).  Apparently, Mike hadn’t realized his license was suspended.  Mike tells us he was pulled over for a broken taillight in Columbia.  He went to court for this, and was told to get certain information, like owner’s license, registration, and some pictures.  He didn’t quite have all the info he needed, Chris and Jeremy refused to give it to them, but the judge was really lenient.

So, Mike moved in three weeks ago, and I thought he was great, amidst all the drama between Chris and Jeremy, we are each other’s sanity.

If you can’t tell yet, I live in  the middle of a horrible reality show gone wrong!  The main drama has been between Chris and Jeremy.  They have broken up, Jeremy’s threatened to move out twice, and Chris can’t seem to tell the difference from the truth and a lie.  Chris has cheated on Jeremy, which should be nothing less than unacceptable.  I, personally, think Jeremy can do much better in the looks department, and obviously the personality department than Chris.  I keep telling him he needs to move on, but he keeps falling for Chris’ games.  Them still living in the same room certainly doesn’t help.  Jeremy is under the impression a roommate cannot be deleted off of the lease here.  I’ve never heard of that, and doubt that’s the case.  I tried calling on it before, but never seem to get through to a person at the office.  I did ask him though, if we could remove his name, would he kick him out, and he said he’d have to think about it.  Apparently, Chris would have nowhere to go because neither his mother or father would take him in.  That should tell you something right there.

Well, seeing as I’ve done nothing but tell you all the drama in my life, I’m done for now.