The other day, I was hanging out at Waffle House, and I watched as some kid had an order of plain hashbrowns, and put mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup and hot sauce on them!  I had never seen such a combination!!!  Depending on the day, I like my hashbrowns scattered all the way, hold the peppers (don’t like hot), topped with chili and add ranch dressing.  A friend got me hooked on it.

Now, when I was in college, friends would dip their french fries in a mixture of ketchup and mayo, which seemed gross, so I never tried it, but I guess it’s kind of popular.  I like ketchup, and I like mayo…just not together!  Someone said they liked peanut butter and mayo on bread, and that grossed me out!  How is mayo so versatile?????

Do you like any food compinations that others may deem strange?????