I have a dilemma, a commitment issue of sorts!  I am sick of being a two-timing church goer!  It gets exhausting going to two different churches on Sundays and I just don’t know what to do!  I go to Cross Point Community Church, and TrueLife Church

Crosspoint is HUGE compared to Truelife, which was just started about a year ago (I’m not sure we’ve ever hit 40 attendees).  I LOVE meeting new people, so Crosspoint is great for that, but then again, I don’t want to be just another body there, because I haven’t been attending there for that long.  I’ve met some WONDERFUL people, including DebAmanda, and the other ladies in Wendy’s small group, which make me feel less like that, but I really haven’t had much interaction with the ministry there (and I know I’ve been trying to meet Jenni Catron, but I guess I just have bad timing).  At Truelife, because it’s small, I know Pastor Phil and followed him from his previous church, and his wife, Katie, is one of my best friends.  Sadly, it hasn’t been growing in attendance like originally hoped, and as much as I like knowing everyone there, I like the idea of meeting new people, and that doesn’t really offer me that opportunity.  Both churches have good worship music, and leave me with better perspective on my relationship with God, or lack thereof, in some cases.  I just don’t know what to do!  I’d like to pick one, and be able to put more energy into it, but I’m so confused!  Between two services on Sunday’s and various other meetings and bible studies throughout the week, it takes its toll.  I, honestly, two years ago, would’ve NEVER thought this would be an issue because, up until about a year and a half ago, I RARELY even went to church since I was 11 years-old, but I’m learning I’m just too indecisive! 

What should I do, is it wierd be a member of two churches???  I actually haven’t officially become members to either church.  HELP!