But, how can you not want to steal Keith Urban away from Nicole?!?!?!?!?!

Since my junior year in college, I have had an obsession with Keith Urban, I was even a member of Monkeyville (his fanclub), and traveled up to 7 hours JUST to see him in concert!  Since he married Nicole, and had a kid, I kind of fell out of love with him, but I just saw a video of him in concert on CMT, singing “You Look Good In My Shirt”, the school-girl crush is back!!!  He is looking FOIIIIIIIIIIIIINE with his hair shorter, and more natural looking (he had some bad hilight and lowlight jobs before), and you can tell he’s been workin’ out!!!!   I can’t tell you what a PHENOMENAL performer he is, check him out for yourself!  He even gave a girl his guitar!!!!

I never had the chance to meet him, but my friend, Becky (whom I never would’ve met, if not for KU), and I had the opportunity to meet all of his band members minus one, in Detroit, back in 2005.  We were such diehards, we went to BOTH of his shows, and we sat in the 14th row, the only thing that would’ve made us happier was if we were in first row, able to look him in those dreamy blue eyes!!  Becky, from then on, was my concert buddy!  We went to a show he did in East Lansing three months later, and even went to go see Little Big Town, of which we actually met at one of KU’s Detroit shows. 

Becky & I with Jerry Flowers

Becky & I with Jerry Flowers in Detroit

I have seen him perform in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, Twin Lakes, Wisconsin at Country Thunder (which was WAY cool, you get to see a bunch of concerts for the price of three), two shows in Detroit, all in 2005.  In 2006, I was only able to see him twice, one of which was JUST for the fanclub, and that was cool to see him sing songs no one had heard yet, on his Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing album, in Atlanta.  I took my friend, Betsy, and she wasn’t the BIGGEST fan, but she was highly impressed with his performance!  If you ever have the chance, go and see him perform, even if you aren’t familiar with his music, you would LOVE one of his shows!!!! 

Betsy & I in Atlanta

 I know he’ll never show up at my door, but IF he did, I wouldn’t turn him away, married or not!  The ONE time I wouldn’t care if I was called a homewrecker 😉