I found this woman’s blog, and she had, what I thought was, a GREAT idea…The Good Visitor poster.

Here is the one I made up, having used her approach, I just tweeked it a bit (I can’t seem to post the actual document properly, but this is what it would say):


When a good visitor comes to my home, I am grateful

A good visitor blesses me with…

  • True friendship
  • Quality conversation
  • Appreciation for my company
  • Acceptance of my hospitality and gifts
  • A good visitor cleans up after themselves

The only thing a good visitor leaves behind is happiness,

and for that, I am truly thankful


I’m just sick of my friends (not all, but a couple) coming over and just leaving a mess, so rather than me having to get after them, I figured this would be a nice subtle reminder. I’d put it in a little frame, and put it near the door, so you can’t miss it when you walk in! What do you think??? Do you think it’d be a good reminder???