Here’s a funny twist on being a “Type (insert letter) Personality”:

Type A – Competitive, driven, stressed, workaholic.
Type B – Relaxed, patient, friendly.
Type C – Reticent, unassertive, nice to a fault.
Type D – Anxious, insecure, gloomy, depressed.
Type E – High-achieving, perfectionist, everything to everybody.
Type F – Prone to forwarding e-mail messages.
Type H – Hostile, hateful.
Type I – Egocentric.
Type J – Orderly, neat.
Type M – Melodramatic.
Type O – Prone to making spelling mistakes.
Type P – Persistent.
Type R – Responsive.
Type S – Doesn’t get enough sleep.
Type T – Thrill-seeking.
Type V – Plain, simple (vanilla).
Type W – Wacko.
Type X – Dominnering, tyrannical.
Type Z – Extremely laid back (the “opposite” of a type A).

Then they felt psychiatrists may have missed a few, so they added some:

Type AA – Alcoholic, co-dependant.
Type BB – Gun owner, free-lance shootist.
Type CC – Intravenous drug user, NA member.
Type DD – Large breasted.
Type EE – Easily frightened by things that squeak.
Type FF – Always fast forwarding DVD’s, tapes.
Type HH – Hospital hound.
Type II – First mate on every ship.
Type JJ – Likes to be called ‘Jay’ but you can call him/her “JJ” or you can call him/her JayJ”… .
Type MM – Candy lover, addicted to sugar.
Type OO – Mistake prone, easily shocked and awed.
Type PP – Poor bladder control.
Type RR – Always tired, listless, resting.
Type SS – Needs absolute control over you and everyone else.
Type TT – Loves to rhyme everything.
Type VV – Likes things fast paced, says “Vroom-vroom” alot.
Type WW – Wheely wacko.
Type XX – Totally out of it most of the time.
Type ZZ – Top.

I think I’m a combination of B, DD, I, M, MM, OO

What’s your personality type????