As a kid, I remember hearing that toilet water was safe to drink, but now it has been verified!!!

I was watching Oprah…again, and she had this girl on there, 12 years old, and she did this experiment to see if toilet water was really cleaner than some of the ice at restaurants. She went to 5 different fast food restaurants (she couldn’t say which ones, somehow it was confidential), and she tested the ice through the drive-thru and at the soda machine on the inside, and the toilet water. She then tested all the samples and found out that in 4/5 of the restaurants, the toilet water had less bacteria than the ice!!! No next time you go to the drive-thru, you may want to reconsider ice in your drink! She did say they went back to one of the restaurants, and they did improve, but Oprah then said “The dogs KNOW!!”