…have the dream job???

…have the man of my dreams???

…be who I want to be???

I just don’t know what it is about me that I feel like such a failure! I’ve lived a charmed life, I’ll admit that, I’ve been extremely fortunate to have never had to go hungry growing up, and to have had the luxury of living overseas and traveling the world, and for that, I am soooo thankful, but why is it I feel like nothing in my life is working, or going the way I thought it was supposed to??? I went to college, I’m incredibly smart and am charming, why can’t I find a job, let alone that dream job, where I would ENJOY what I do???? I’m a pretty cool person (if you ask me, and I’m sure others would agree), why can’t I find a good guy??? Do I just repulse the whole male gender???? And he doesn’t even have to be a Keith Urban look-alike, I’ll take any guy who has a good heart and sense of humor! I just feel so out of touch with the real world, like I can’t really relate to people so much, no job, no husbands or significant others, and it’s really frustrating!!!!!! I haven’t even come clean with my father about my not having a job, and that’s killing me! He should be calling me tomorrow, so I’ll be telling him then, but I’m afraid what he’s going to think if I’ve held it from him for this long! I just don’t want to disappoint him…yet again! These last few months have really sucked, for lack of a better word, and I’m so fed up with it! I’ve tried praying, doesn’t seem to work, but as I’ve been told, things happen in God’s time, but can he move it along…puh-lease!!!!! My patience is wearing a little thin these days!