So, I got a call from a debt collector this morning…not so happy! Turns out I still owe money on my escalator fall last year, which I had received a bill showing a zero balance. I told the lady this, and was surprised, I thought it had been taken care of. I was already upset she woke me up, I pretty much hung up on her, but not mid sentence, there was a long pause (not much better, I know). When I found the bill, it showed zero because it had gone to the debt collectors!!!! I can’t tell you how incredibly frustrating it is. I don’t have the insurance anymore, I was, however, covered at the time of the fall, but trying to get Aetna to do anything is like pulling teeth!!! I am STILL looking for a job, have no insurance currently, and am running out of money! The bill shows I owe $649, for a “simple face repair”!!!! It was 11 stitches, I had to clean up most of the blood off my face myself, because they just left me as is for an hour or two, if not longer! And continuously asked me if I was ok, uh no, I’m bleeding, and then they’d ask if I was wearing crocks, of which, had they looked at my feet, I didn’t have time to change into black lace-up shoes, while bleeding profusely from the fall! The doctor wasn’t in there for anymore than 30 minutes! I so went into the wrong profession!!!!! My experience at Baptist Hospital was a joke, and it just won’t go away!!!!!