Have you ever heard of the alienation of affection law??????  It exists in Hawaii, Illinois, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Dakota, and Utah, other states (like Tennessee) have been smart enough to abolish the law, however, it is ridiculous!  Apparently, should your spouse decide to cheat on you, you can sue the other person!  One woman on the Dr. Phil show didn’t even know the man was married, he’d lied and told her he was going through a divorce, like she was, but apparently he still was living with his wife!  The poor “other woman” just gave up and settled, even though she didn’t live in one of the 7 states, the man and his wife did.  It just doesn’t make any sense to blame “the other woman” because they may know they’re married, and I’m not condoning it, but shouldn’t the spouse pay???????  It’s not as if the other person forces them to stay with them, and alienate their spouse.  I just find it silly, if your spouse isn’t happy, they were going to cheat regardless, doesn’t matter the person they’re doing it with really!  Maybe the ones who bring about these suits need to take a good look at themselves and their marriage, and figure out why their spouse isn’t happy, and BLAME THEM!!!!!  I would think lawyers would see it as frivolous, however, a lot of them (not all) are just money hungry anyhow!! Sorry, just my two cents, plus even if you have been lied to by a man, who happens to be a cheating spouse (not a far fetch considering their circumstances obviously), there’s still a chance you can be sued!!!!