Well, after Hannah, David and I had some words about my having left a check for lower rent, David apparently won’t be living here anymore!!! So happy! Maybe it was the day I went downstairs, not fully dressed, to grab clothes from the dryer that scared him away (I didn’t think he was there, it was dark down the hallway, but he didn’t see much, if anything, just a glimpse without pants LOL, I could care less should he want to gouge his eyes out after that), he was not happy, but WHATEVER!!!! Rachel, who really lives at her boyfriend’s up in Hendersonville, came home yesterday, and I feel bad that she doesn’t live here, but pays rent/utilities/cable, so I told her I would have no problem with her looking to replace her as a roommate, and she could put her stuff in storage, if need be, a whole lot cheaper than staying here.   She said she’ll post on Craigslist, or if anyone knows of anyone needing a new place to live, let me know!!!! Although, i don’t know that anyone reading my blog would wish my less than spectacular living situation on their worst enemies 🙂