• Having a live-in boyfriend who doesn’t pay rent!

Hannah just came down wondering why it was I paid so little for rent, I gave her a check for $300 in rent, my usual portion is $384, however, when she asked me about him moving in, she said he’d pa 1/4 of the rent, so I told Rachel, and we really figure he’s been staying at least 4 nights a week since the beginning, and that he really should’ve paid something from the beginning, and she then says he hasn’t found a job yet. I advised her he helps himself in the door, is here when she’s not here, and is here ALL the time, he needs to start paying. He then (almost sounding like he was crying) said I took $200 from Hannah, and she then says we should’ve discussed this, I reminded her she said he would pay 1/4, and so she’s not happy with me now, but oh well! I don’t have a job either, and I’m paying rent, what’s the issue??? We don’t take in stray humans!!!! Our total rent is 1094, and with me and Rachel both paying 300, that leaves them with under 500 to split, I thought it was more than fair!