Man, I wish I had a job, it’s been about 5 weeks since losing 2 jobs in a week and I was smart enough to have money saved up, however, if I don’t find something soon, we may need to look to other options (selling kidneys, standing on street corners, etc) won’t be pretty!!!!  My friend and I were going to go take a test to work for the state today (she’s in the same boat), but my friend, Katie, ran off with my keys accidentally last night, so I’m stuck, and Sarah HATES driving around downtown, and I am not driving her car!  So, tomorrow, I have an interview for a job in Cool Springs (not a dream job by any means, but a source of what could be good income) and so we’ll see, I keep applying, but it’s getting incredibly frustrating!  Oh well, I guess it’s kind of in God’s hands now, so we shall hope, AND PRAY!!!!!!